Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th September 2021 Written Update: Geetanjali Devi welcomes Ranaji for Aditi’s alliance

Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Devesh hitting on Reema’s head when she is unconscious, he puts her in his car. She keeps on taking Vivaan’s name. He drives from there. Aarav tells to Sandhya that today he cooked so she should taste. Simar tells her that she told him not to help her in kitchen still he did. Sandhya says it’s good if he helped her in kitchen, not only girls are fixed for kitchen even boys can cook and help for work. Aarav ask Sandhya if she is fine and not worried about Aditi. Aarav then tells her as she knows about Gandabandhan then today is Simar’s first rehearsal with her Guru and ask Sandhya to take care of kitchen. Sandhya tells Simar to go complete her work she will manage here.

Geetanjali Devi tells to Gajender that she have seen a boy for Aditi and they are coming to their home. So she ask him Griraj and Aarav to be present when will come. She then tells that Aarav is having a vido call meeting where is he? Bhairav goes to call Aarav. Aarav and Simar are going for the rehearsal. Aarav tells Simar to wait while he finishes his meeting and come back. He attends the meeting infront of Geetanjali Devi and Gajender, Badi Ma is happy with his suggestion. He then hurries to get back to Simar, Geetanjali Devi doubts him and ask him whether he remembers all the meeting scheduled today.

Roma wakes up Lalit and ask him to go out and look for some job. Meanwhile Shobha enters and taunts her. She tells her that today Vivek’ s invitation card is coming, she prayed to God if this will happen then she will distribute prasad to 50 people. She tells Roma to prepare and she is going for shopping. Roma says how can she prepare prasad for 50 people, Shobha orders her to prepare before she comes back.

Devesh shows Reema to Chitra and also her confession which he recorded on his phone. Chitra praises him and ask him to edit and pays him money for that. She ask him to take Reema’s photograph and circulate it in the city so that she gets famous in a bad way. Devesh assures her that he will do as hse told him. Simar sees Reema’s car and walks towards it. Chitra sees her coming towards the car, she worries. Simar sees a dupatta coming out of car and doubts that whether it’s Reema’s or not. Meanwhile Aarav comes and takes her with him and tells that already they are late. Chitra relaxes and ask Devesh to take Reema from there.

Vivaan decides to go and meet Reema with a bouquet. Aarav brings Simar to Yamini Devi house when they both were taking blessings from her, Yogi clicks their picture. Yamini tells Simar that she is doing an album with Simar she just needs a producer. Aarav and Simar both are happy. Devesh brings Reema to his den and tells that he will make her famous.

Aarav gets a call from Badi Ma, he tells her that he is on the way coming back home, while he was at Yamini house house. He dreams about Simar, he says that what is happening to him he started lying to Badi Ma for Simar. Gagan gets a message from Reema that she is going to Mumbai to do modelling. Vivaan comes to Reema’s home, Indu is happy to see him and informs him that Reema is in her room. When he goes to her room, Gagan shows him the message. Geetanjali Devi welcomes Ranaji for Aditi’s alliance. She introduces Ranaji to Aarav, he is shocked to know about Aditi’s alliance. Ranaji warns Geetanjali Devi that he will not accept betrayal in relationship.

The end.

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