Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th September 2021 Written Update: Vivaan realised Reema’s truth

Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vivaan tells Aarav to him whether Reema loved him? Aarav tells him that once she came to him and told him that she loves Aarav and she came here for him. Aarav tells to Vivaan that he wanted to tell him many time but couldn’t as Vivaan was not ready to listen.

Simar tells to Vivaan that this is not the full truth. Vivaan gets angry and says what is truth, she may love him or may not, in love only this is seen. Vivaan tells to Aarav and Simar that he wants to know everything about the past attched to Reema.

Vivaan tells them that he was not aware of anything and was living her more than anything else. Simar tells him that yes came to take revenge from her and loved Aarav but now Vivaan’s love has changed her. She is a chnaged person now.

Vivaan stops Simar and tells her not to say a word fro Reema. He tells to them that he loved her like crazy and even was ready to die for her and she must be mocking at his back and making fun of him as she never loved him.

Simar tries to tell him that now his love have changed Reema she is a different person now but Vivaan falls on the floor. Aarav and Simar runs to hold him. Vivaan says he feels like broken and didn’t wanted to cry. Aarav is not able to see this condition of his younger brother.

Devesh ask Reema to pose as he is taking his indecent picture, she tries to provoke him and tell him to untie her. But he makes fun of her and tell her that he will take his all type of photos and make her famous. Reema shouts at him. Simar tries to explain Vivaan that now Reema only loves him and she is a chnaged person now. She also tells him that she knew Reema is in danger nad needs their help especially his. Vivaan didn’t listen to her words and leaves the room.

Simar then tells to Aarav that he trust her or not. Aarav says that he trust her but not her sister, Reema as she is a fraud and she has done such things that she had lost his trust. Simar still tells him that Reema is in danger nad needs their help, Aarav highers his voice and tells that she don’t believe that girl and leaves the room. Simar tells to Gagan that they had seen Reema’s text and something fishy is there. So Simar ask Gagan to inform police about Reema’s missing they will find some clue to her. Gagan also agrees to it.

Roma shows the invitation card to Lalit and tells him the whole family’s name is here except her. Nobody gives her respect just because of him as he don’t do anything. She blames him and tells him that now she is tried to doing house chores. Lalit tells him why she talked to Aarav for him she have some respect but now, she tells in middle what respect he is not working. Roma warns her that she will leave him forever and goes back to her home. Lalit throws things in anger and then he realises that Roma is right, he will find some job to do.

Vivaan is drinking and thinks about the Reema’s confession. He is very disheartened, Aarav holds his hand when he was trying to throw the bottle. Aarav tells him to hold himself what he is doing. Vivaan complains him that why didn’t he told him about Reema when she came for the first time to him. Aarav realises that he should have told him before but he tells that Vivaan was not in condition to listen about her. Simar thinks that Vivaan was all the time full of fun but now how he became. She thinks that everything will be fine when Reema comes back.

The episode ends.

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