Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th January 2023 Written Update: Sandhya overhears some secret discussion

Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with a painful situation in the Oswaal family. Sandhya seems happy first as she thought they will have dinner together today. Then she asks everyone why they are silent and disappointed. She also questions Reema where is Gajendra. Badima says he will return after the completing his work. Sandhya feels something gloomy then Sandhya asks Aarav about Gajendra and tells as she has prepared something delicious for him. Aarav hugs being emotional.

In the room of Aarav, Aarav Simar and Badima discuss about this mysterious state. They think how would they tell to Sandhya about this shameful incident. Simar realises the situation and shares that Gajendra has been hiding the truth for 25 years. Aarav doesn’t ready to listen anything. He continues to blame his father, but she explains Gajendra had that relationship before his marriage. When Aarav asks her how it is possible, then she explains Masumi is 26 years and Sandhya and Gajendra married before 25 anniversary. He had fulfilled every wish and responsibility of his wife and son. Then Aarav and Badima remain silent.

Simar emphasizes that Gajendra deserves to be listened. Aarav then explains it was his wrong as he had hidden the truth from elders. Reema also says the same thing that Gajendra is guilt. Reema becomes offended when Simar supports the male members of Oswaal, how she was stopped from joining modelling, she shares her agony among this miserable situation. When Vivaan asks Badima to listen Gajendra for once but she is obstinate in her position. But Simar says that girl didn’t do any mistake, and also Gajendra deserves to be listened.

When Simar and Aarav discuss about the guilt of Ganjendra, suddenly Sandhya appears and asks what happened to Ganjendra. To manage the situation Vivaan lies that he had gone to office as he has done something wrong in the papers. Sandhya nods her head and before leaving she asks them having food. Everyone looks frustrated inside.

Gajendra takes care the girl in the hospital. He shows the affection on the girl. When Gajendra comes outside he notices that Aarav and Simar come there. Gajendra asks apology but Aarav doesn’t hear him. Ganjendra again repeats his words and says if anyone remain in his position, he will do the same thing. Aarav says that suppose he was in that moment, he will never do that. Gajendra says he didn’t have the courage to tell anything Badima because she was already suffering from something betrayal. Badima chooses Sandhya so he had to forget his beloved girl and her daughter. He has done injustice that two girls. He also adjoins that he has fulfilled every responsibility of his daughter and son. He seems guilty regarding the whole situation. Masumi listens then.

Here Sandhya feels something odd in the behaviour of Oswaals. She prays to God and goes to her room to calm herself. Here, Gajendra says he will stick in his position and he will choose his own family, expresses how much loves Sandhya and also expresses that he will definitely choose his family over that girl. Gajendra hugs them two. And also asks them some time.

Here Masumi murmurs something shows her anger. Suddenly one individual informs that Masumi has left the orphanage. Simar returned and informed Badima. Badima also feels tensed for Masumi but confirms that she can’t anything for Masumi.

Episode ends.

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