Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th December 2022 Written Update: Badima is captivated by Dumru

Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th December 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the awakening of Simar, when Arindam goes cut the nail of Simar. As Arindam reaches in the room of Simar in the midst of the night and murmurs that he will soon achieve Simar in his own life. Then he collects a hair of Simar head and again boxes it. Ahead, he tries to cut the nail of Simar, but Simar awakes. Simar searches everywhere, but he hides himself under the curtain. Aarav also gets awaken.

Here, Badima enters in the room of Arindam, finds everywhere some weird things. She also realises that there are something horrific in the attitude of Arindam. Dumru stands behind her. Badima seaches all the instruments of circus. When she confirms that she should say all these Aarav and Vivaan. They suddenly Dumru appears in front of Badima, she becomes startled. She tells how it could move by itself when it’s just a toy!

Aarav confirms that there is nothing and they both again goes to hit the hack. Arindam become jealous to see the closeness of Aarav and Simar. Then, he collects the bloody knife by himself. He conspires something dangerous to drag Simar into him. Arindam laments as the he failed to collect the nail of Simar. Here, d
Damru captivated Badima pressing the mouth of her. Arindam reaches there and asks Dumru to make her free. Badima asks Arindam why did he running behind Simar. Who is he. She confronts Arindam, but he makes fun of her courage. Arindam says with all these material, he can make Simar hypnotized, so he could win he easily. Arindam says she will make an statue mixing all these ingredients. And that statue will follow his words, will do according his wishes. When Badima screams that all these things will not happen. Then Arindam pulls out a sharpen knife and makes her tremble in fear.

Suddenly Simar awakes from the sleep and feels something odd in her surrounding. She runs to Badima. Here, Badima touches some glass pot in haste. Then some glass pot strat waving and connects with Arindam. Here, Vivaan and Reema discuss that how Aarav is depending upon Arindam more than he should. Reema makes him understand he shouldn’t trigger the situation. Simar arrives there and she also suggests that Vivaan should talk Badima otherwise the misunderstanding will increase. Simar asks Vivaan to take the glass of milk to the room of Badima. When Vivaan comes in the room, he doesn’t find her.

Here, Arindam forcses Badima to meet the spirit of his family. The spirits come out of the boxes and hover in the air. Badima asks Arindam why didn’t he free the spirit of the members. Arindam says he wants to live alone. He laments over the misfortune of his family. He also says he can’t live without them. Arindam says he wanted a loving family and thanked Badima that he has get this family because if Badima. Arindam laughs in himself, then he connects that he needs all the body of this oswaal home to put the spirit of his own family. He dreams of that and laughs. Then suddenly the spirit of his dadi comes out. Arindam forces Badima to snatch the body of her.

Here no one finds Badima and everyone becomes worried. Vivaan calls him, but Dumru cuts the phone of Badima. Vivaan decides to check the room of Arindam. They go to search the room of Badima. Suddenly, Badima hears the voice of Simar, then Dumru presses the mouth of Badima. When no answer after calling from the outside of the door, Vivaan and Aarav breaks the door of Arindam.
Episode ends.

Episode starts with the Confession of Simar regarding the love of Aarav. When Simar enters in the room, seeing Aarav in that injured state, Simar screams and starts to panick. She asks Arindam why did he kill Aarav. Arindam says that he was the obstruction between him and Simar. Simar can’t accept this fact, adjoins that she only loves Aarav and snatches the knife to stab herself. She also kills herself. Actually all these things are imagination of Arindam. He realises that he wants the love of Simar without her hatred. Dumru says Simar will never love anyone except Aarav. They together plan how Simar will start to love Arindam.

Aditi becomes more anxious after returning the room of Arindam. She describes all the incidents which happened in the room of Arindam. She expressing some horrific incidents. She looks depressed. Simar pacifies her and asks her to be calm. But Aditi can’t control her emotions. She suggests them to search the motive of Arindam coming in their home. When Vivaan goes to know the thing in details, Aarav stops him.

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