Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th January 2023 Written Update: Sandhya decides to leave the room of Gajendra

Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with, Masumi accidentally, comes in front of Shandhya’s car, while crossing the road. Shandhya comes out of her car and resques her from the road. In the police station, Gajendra describes, his daughter Masumi’s description to a police officer. Aarav leaves the police station, out of disgust as Gajendra mentioned about his daugher. In the oswal’s everyone become restless as Masumi was missing. Badima says that they have to cover up the whole matter before Shandhya arrives. Suddenly Shandhya comes back home with Masumi.

Everyone gets very shocked. As Masumi sees Simar, she hugs her tightly. Shandhya asks everyone how come they know that girl. Then Gajendra and Aarav arrives the hall with others. Masumi runs towards Gajendra and hugs him and calls him Father. Shandhya gets a sudden thunder attack. But then instead of asking Gajendra, she keeps asking Simar about Masumi. Why Masumi is addressing Gajendra as father. Simar looks helpless.

Then Gajendra comes to Shandhya that and says that she has full right to directly asks him, what’s the matter. But Shandhya is so shocked and disgusted with Gajendra that she do not care to answer him.Gajendra explains how he was fallen in love with a girl named, Charu. When Charu announced that she is pregnant he hugs her happily. Gajendra runs to inform Badima about his love but then already Geetanjali devi finalized the marriage with Sandhya. Sandhya with her parents came up with his house to finalize the relationship. And to prioritise the decision of Geetanjali devi over his love life, he hid the secret of the pregnancy.

Geetanjali devi questions why did not he say everything to her then. Gajendra says he didn’t have any path except excepting the decision of his mother. Gajendra also asks apology from Sandhya but Sandhya remain silent. She silently goes away in the room, Simar forbids Badima calling Simar. Being devastated, Aarav also blames his father for the whole situation and leaves.
Badima adjoins that he have to stuck in his present position, then Giriraj confesses that he pressurized Gajendra for keeping that as a secret. Chitra and Reema also become offended on their respective husband. Gajendra asks some help from her.

Sandhya holds the plate of the Halua, and reminds how she promised herself that she will have her food only after returning of Gajendra. She starts having her food in a distracted manner. Then Aarav comes to her and starts lamentation. Aarav hugs her tightly. Sandhya finalizes that she will live in this house, she feels claustrophobic in the home, she can’t live with this falsity. When Aarav asks whether she is leaving the house, Sandhya explains that she is not leaving the house, she will not stay in that room anymore. Simar thinks how would she heal those wounds of these hearts.
Episode ends.

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