Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st December 2022 Written Update: Arindam gets back his own Dadi

Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st December 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the opening of the door of Arindam. Vivaan decides to check the room of Arindam. They go to search the room of Badima. Suddenly, Badima hears the voice of Simar, then Dumru presses the mouth of Badima. When no answer after calling from the outside of the door, Vivaan and Aarav breaks the door of Arindam. Finally Aarav breaks the door but they don’t find Badima anywhere. Arindam pretends of sleeping. Simar confronts him where is Badima. Arindam refuses to know anything and pretends to be innocent. Suddenly Simar and Reema want to inside Arindam stops them. Vivan forces Arindam to tell the truth but Arindam is reluctant to say anything. Vivan becomes more outrageous and starts fighting with Arindam. Arindam again plays his drama. Suddenly, Badima appears from the upstairs and calls the name of Vivaan. Everyone becomes awestruck to see her.

Badima is seemed to accurately normal. Evils smirks to see the puzzled faces of Oswal. Actually this is the spirit of the nani of Arindam in the body of Badima. He pushes the spirit of his own grandmaa. When Simar runs towards her after seeing her, she doesn’t answer Simar. Badima neglects the words of others. When Vivaan forbids Simar not to believe Arindam, Badima slaps on the face of Vivaan. Badima comforts Arindam. Simar is rebuked by Badima for her carelessness to Arindam. She continues to rebuke Aarav, Reema for the negligence. Reema and Simar try to make her understand that theh were not finding her. But Badima is obstinate in her position. Badima says to Arindam that he doesn’t have any guilt.

Vivaan is offered some punishment of his gulit and bad behaviour to Arindam. Simar asks Badima to forgive him and asks her to go to the bed. Simar asks pardon for the sake of Vivaan. She requests Badima to oversee the situation. Vivaan is asked seeking the forgiveness. Simar also requests Vivaan. He follows the word of Badima. But Badima asks him to bow his head and folds his hand. Chitra leaves the place being angry. In spite of having the hesitation, Vivaan asks the forgiveness to Badima and Arindam. He also touches her feet. Vivaan feels something awkward.

Simar later feels something odd in the behaviour of Badima. Vivaan also realizes that Arindam is not a ordinary boy. He also noticed that the shoes of Badima was in the room of Arindam, but Badima wore some another shoes. Reema and Simar both mention that she has used some another words and another language which is not regular. Badima, as the grandma of Arindam is cuddled by Arindam. They both enjoy the proximity and the relationship. The grandma cuddles Arindam as her own grandson. Dida also applauds the courage of Arindam. They say they both used to miss each other. Dadi criticizes the dress of Geetanjali devi. But Arindam asks Dadi to be the same as Geetanjali devi is. Arindam expresses the the love towards Simar. Here, Aarav, Simar and Vivaan discuss how they will know about the truth. Suddenly, Simar doesn’t feel well because of Arindam’s magic. Arindam says she will captivate Simar very soon.
Episode ends.

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