Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st January 2023 Written Update: Masumi blames Aarav for stealing her right

Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st January 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with irritation of Reema, Vivaan asks for her offended mood, she says her mood is not well because of this incident. Reema asks whether he had any affair before their marriage. Simar prays to Matarani for her family. She starts to play the bell to matarani, listening the auspicious bell everyone comes towards the temple. Badima hesitates to touch Gajendra, Sandhya also holds her irritation towards Gajendra. Simar starts worshiping matarani sings bhajan. All are praying for their own wellness. Sandhya looks devasted and broken down. Simar asks everyone to smile. Simar asks something to Badima but she disagrees to do that. She already listened the whole confession of Gajendra, she will not forgive Gajendra and also not accept Masumi. She will definitely stand up with her own daughter in law. She will not that girl in that house anymore.

Simar calls Maharaj ji and asks him to give the girl a lift to the bus stand. Maharaj becomes awestruck to listen the order, but Simar acts rude and strict to her decision. When Maharaj proceeds to bring the girl, then Sandhya recommends that it is not the right time for going out for a girl. So it would not be the right time to give her up. Sandhya says she is strong enough to handle her own sorrow. It is the sign of weakness if someone forgets her won culture. Badima appreciates her behaviour and culture and finalized the decision. Ganjendra smiles back to Simar with the tearful eyes.

In the table of dinner of Makar Sankranti, Badima asks everyone to have their dinner together. Ganjendra hesitates to sit beside Sandhya. Simar again acts to be rude on Masumi. But Badima understands her behaviour. Then Simar requests Badima to give her the permission for bringing up Masumi. Simar behaves well and very careful with Masumi. A tension was working behind the mind of other. Masumi starts eating mannerslessly. Seeing her manners, Chitra and Badima leaves their chair. Others are also asked to leave their chair. Seeing the helpless manner of the girl, Sandhya stands up to help her but finally she also goes in her room.

Masumi asks Aarav whether she is her brother. Masumi blames Aarav as a thief as Aarav has steal her right. She shouts at him.Masumi starts accusing Aarav for snaching all her good luck from her life. Aarav looks angry and astonished but keeps quite. Masumi keeps saying that how she had suffered in the orphanage because of him, how instead of him she should have all of the luxuries. Atlast when she finishes, she asks some invisible person whether, she is done with accusing or not. She asks as if some task was given to her to blame Aarav. Aarav looks suspiciously at Simar.

Aditi comes home and starts asking Simar for not informing her about the situation of the Oswal’s. Simar tries to explain her but them clam her down. He ensures that Masumi will soon leave the house and everything will be alright. Aditi starts crying badly and starts accusing her father. Simar tries to explain Gajendra’s weaknesses, but Aditi denies to listen to her. Aditi feels very insecure, Simar hugs her. She promises her that she will take cake of everything.
Simar is walking down the hall with a glass of milk. She sees Masumi walking abnormally towards something. She follows her and Masumi comes in front of Badima’s potrait. Then Masumi steps up on a chair and destroys Badima’s image and then asks some invisible person, if she is done.

Episode ends with Simar’s confused question.