Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Mayakshi conspires to kill Simar

Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the prayer of Simar to matarani. She asks the god what is happening with her. She expresses her anxiety and asks her to show the way of the truth. Aarav comes and says to be relaxed. Aarav says this is natural as she has suffered badly for the last few days. He motivates her with some positive words as she showed the brevity. He positively encourages her. He also suggests her to pray to matarani and to have the faith on matarani. Simar nodds.

To make feel fresh Aarav recites a poem for Simar. But it doesn’t seem a poem but it makes smiling to Simar. Simar denies to listen to him. Then Aarav recites a real poem, they both lost in each other. Aarav kisses on her forehead. Simar looks gleeful. They hug each other and feel blessed to be in love. Seeing them together from a hidden place, Vivaan smirks. Vivaan comes to Reema, and says to Reema that Aarav and Simar are the best couple in the world. Whenever one of them feels low, another creates the happiness. Reema feels jealous and irritated. Reema shouts in anger. But somehow she manages the situation by saying she won’t allow any admiration of any other girl.

Reema shows possisiveness towards Vivan. Vivaan starts irritating her by saying her jealous. They start fighting with each othrr and end up in cuddling with each other. Suddenly Vivaan says to Reema( Chaya) that she is not Reema. Chaya gets a shock then Vivaan starts explaining that he had felt Reema’s love towards him in that way before. So he thought that Reema does not loves him the way he loves her. Reema feels relieved and he asks Vivaan to forget everything about past. She also adds that noone can separate them. Her love for Vivan is eternal. Although she feels a bit of insecurity. They hug each other. They both say ‘I love you’ to each other.

Vivaan says Reema that they should arrange a Dandiye programme. They starts planning for upcoming programme. Reema says that she will handle the whole arrangement. They plan to surprise Simar. As Vivaan leaves the room Chaya shuts the door and angry about Vivaan blind respect towars Simar. Then suddenly Mayakshi appears and reminds her about the reason she is here. Mayakshi says that if Chaya wants to be in Reema body for ever she should kill Simar. Otherwise Rudra won’t let Chaya stay with Vivaan. So, if Chaya really loves Vivaan she should kill Simar and then Mayakshi will help her to fulfill her love toward Vivaan.

Chaya says that if Mayakshi really wants kill Simar why can’t she herself kills Simar. Mayakshi gets astonished that Chaya is asking her for explanation. She gets angry so she grabs Reema’s and asks her to come with her. They come to the balcony and say Chitra and Vivaan planning for the programme. Mayakshi asks that what will happen Vivaan falls from the floor to the ground. Then using her supernatural powers Mayakshi controls over Chitra and fall off Vivan from upstairs. Chaya tries to stop her but couldn’t. She keeps requesting Mayakshi that she will listen to her, she will kill Simar. Mayakshi then slows down Vivaan while falling and help him with a big mattress.

Vivaan doesn’t get hurt but he felt something wrong had just happened. Chaya feels relieved. Vivaan over come the fear and gets back his energy soon. Chitra also feels relieved that nothing had happened to Vivaan. Mayakshi reminds Chaya about Simar’s death otherwise she will kill Vivaan.Chitra and Chaya is in the kitchen cooking some food. Shandhya and Simar appears in the kitchen and get astonished. Shandhya and Simar tries to stop them from cooking but they denies. Simar asks Reema to stop cooking and asks her to leave the kitchen as Reema don’t like cooking but Reema denies. Simar gets astonished and starts thinking that something is with Chaya( Reema).

Episode ends with a conversation between Simar and Reema. Simar tries to convince Reema to leave the kitchen as Reema don’t like cooking while Chaya says that how Simar knows about her ( Chaya’s)?

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