Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd November 2022 Written Update: Aarav gets puzzled to see Simar in road

Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the dialogue of Sandhya, as she hugs Jhumri. She murmurs the name of Laboni. Listening the name of Laboni, Badima asks about the fact, but Sandhya somehow ignores the issue. Badima is emphasized to have the coffee in the hand of Jhumri. After tasting the coffee, Badima immensely praises Jhumri for the preparation. Jhumri massages the feet of Badima to please her. Suddenly Aarav comes to talk about business, informs about official offers and clients. Badima requests Aarav to have the tea. In spite of having the hesitation for the tea, Aarav drinks the tea in the hand of Jhumri. He seems also very satisfied to have the tea. When Jhumri expands her hands to touch the face of Aarav, Simar reaches there, holding a cup of coffee. Jhumri feels jealous to see the romantic behaviour between Simar and Aarav, tries to harm them, but Sandhya in the midst of their conversation, requests Aarav to go office after having the lunch, Aarav asks Simar to bring the breakfast in his room.

Sandhya tries to pacify outrageous Laboni. She gets offended about the interference of Simar in her goal to achieve the love of Aarav. Sandhya asks laboni to keep conscious and asks her to win the heart of everyone. Sandhya tells her in Bengali that they have to do their job by hook or crook, makes her explain about the goal. Being emotional Sandhya hugs Laboni. But Laboni looks obstinate in her goal.

Aarav is asked why did he ask Simar to bring the lunch in the room, he tells about the lack of attention of Simar. They are coming closer. Aarav Keeps complaining why simar doesn’t come to her, and questions of hee busyness. Every time she wanta to move away, Aarav pulls her closer as tries to escape from his hands. When Simar acts angry falsely, Aarav goes to kiss her. Suddenly Simar is called by Chitra to come outside, but Aarav drags him her in. After noticing the romance and physical intimacy of the couple, Laboni gets immensely jealous.

Laboni comes in the room of Simar to take the old clothes of Simar. Meanwhile, Jhumri stares at the couple picture of Simar and Aarav. After getting the clothes, Laboni asks Simar whether they liked the food or not. Simar realises some oddness in Jhumri. Aarav, in the midst way of her office, notices a girl, resembling with Simar, in the road. Aarav runs behind the girl and calls her with the name of Simar, but the girl was Laboni. Aarav gets confused. Laboni says oneday Aarav will realise his true love oneday. Aarav sends a voice note to Simar and leaves the place.

Vivaan clicks the photos of Reema, when she is having her face. Reema gets angry for snapping the photos. Vivaan praises Reema for her all time beauty. Reema offers Vivaan about a good photography session. Reema again dreams about her modelling again and asks Vivaan for having a professional photography session. Reema wishes that Simar should arrange everything for herself, she runs inside. Then all the members of Oswaal also call the name of Simar for their own need. Badima rebukes them for pressurizing Simar for their own work. Suddenly Aarav also comes to search Simar. Aarav is told that Simar is nowhere in the house. Meanwhile, Simar, appears holding the tanpura, tells that she went to riyaz. When Aarav points out why did Simar roam around the street, Simar says she didn’t even keep her feet in the outside.

Episode ends

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