Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th August 2022 Written Update: Reema is in a trap

Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Rudra’s appreciation of Reema’s acting skill. Reema makes her explain the importance of her dream, but she feels guilty for Reema. Vivaan also feels disturbed in Manali to think of Reema’s distress. Reema apologies to God for her conspiracy. Rudra gives a glass of juice, after which taking, Reema feels uneasy as Rudra mixed some odd medicine to it. Suddenly Reema lost her balance and becomes senseless. Rudra smirks to see her and takes out her sim card to distract her location. He plans something with Reema.

Simar is busy to arrange the ingredients of Janmashtami with Makhan, flowers, butter, decoration etc. Suddenly Aarav asks Simar about Reema and Vivaan. Simar turns to clueless as this occasion is favourite to Reema. Where may she go! Sandhya calls Aarav and Simar. On asking of Badima, Sandhya assures that everything is arranged by Simar herself. But Badima tries to ignore her consciously. It hurts Simar. Sandhya tries to console her. Simar controls her emotions. Simar says Aarav that Badima got hurt because of the dramas of evils. She will gift a laddu gopal to Badima, and she will try her best to secure it in this janmastami.

Chitra gets jealous to see the stamina of Simar, but Ishita assures that she will do according her plan to rusticate Simar from this family. Ishita pledges to do Aarati and Jhula by herself at first. Simar comes in the room of Reema, but she doesn’t find anywhere. On the assurance of Aarav, Simar calls Reema, but Simar can’t connect with her. Being tensed Simar calls Vivaan to know where they are. Vivaan opens up their secret plan towards Manali. Simar can’t believe that Reema can go anywhere leaving this janmastami programme. Simar wants to talk directly with Reema, but Vivaan continues making excuses. Vivaan promises Simar that he will make connect
Reema with Simar in tomorrow’s morning. Simar gets tensed.

Oswaal members are busy to decorate the whole palace with flowers and lighting. Reyansh goes to find Kavya in the room of Simar. But he doesn’t find her anywhere. Instead of Kavya, Reyansh finds out a ticket from Agra in Simar’s bag, which assures him that Kavya is already out of station. But all these were the tricks of Simar and Aarav tp trap give a false assumption of Kavya’s state. Simar and Aarav see him from a hidden place. But Simar is tensed for Reema.
After getting the sense, Reema gethers the memories of the incidents and realises that she is locked in a dark room. After screaming, some waiters come with the dresses and food. They insist her to have them. Being vehemently scared, Reema panicks and calls Rudra for seeking help. Rudra comes to show his evil look and flirts with her. Reema fears something ominous is going to happen.

Simar asks blessings from Gopal. She fails to hold the fire of auspicious lamp in the first chance,but in the second time, she successfully lights the lamp. She feels something ominous going to happen. She also tells that today all the falsity will be washed away. Sandhya comes and blesses her.
Episode ends.

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