Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th September 2021 Written Update: Geetanjali Devi orders Shobha to change the date

Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Simar preparing checklist for the Roka ceremony as she doesn’t want to miss anything. Meanwhile Aarav comes back from office, she tells him that the video meeting gone very late, he informs her that the client were from America. Aarav ask her what’s she writting. She informs him that checklist she is preparing for tomorrow, he wants to check. He then intentionally brings faults in her checklist. Simar tries to justify herself and shows him imaginary that how tomorrow functions will take place step by step. Aarav then makes Simar sit and also did the Roka ceremony imaginary to her and at last congratulated her conmpleting their Roka ceremony.

Vivaan is helping in home decoration for the ceremony. Aarav and Vivaan ask Sandhya how is her health, she is still angry and goes to check Aditi. On the other hand Aditi is busy calling Gagan but he is not taking her call. Sandhya ask her why didn’t she get ready for the ceremony, she says sha is not interested in this marriage. Simar comes and tries to cheer her up. Aarav holds Simar hand when he sees her after she get dressed for the ceremony.

Aarav and Simar feels for each other, Vivaan sees them together looking at each other and dreaming, he laughs and as he turns he finds Reema smiling and standing infront of him. He then moves back, Reema says to herself that she won’t give up. Aditi checks the decoration and gets upset, Sandhya sees her.

Shobha comes with Manoj to invite Oswal’s for Vivek’ s wedding. Aarav and Simar welcomes them, when Simar asked about Roma Shabha said that does she deserves to come with us? Geetanjali Devi comes and ask why Simar is sending invitation to everyone as she is just a guest. Then Aarav brings invitation for Shobha and Manoj and gives by himself.

Geetanjali Devi ask Shobha why she came, Shobha tells her that she came to give invitation as Vivek’ s wedding date is fixed. Shobha then tries to flaunt her wedding hamper and tells them that her Bahu is very rich so she wanted this type of classy things. When Geetanjali Devi checks the date it was same as Aditi’s wedding so she cut the date and ordered Shobha to change the date as it coinsides with Aditi’s.

Shobha gets angry and tells to Geetanjali Devi that she only cares about her grand daughter and doesn’t care about grand son, Gajender shouts at her that how she is misbehaving with Badi Ma. Shobha says that it doesn’t matter but she will not change the date as she have fixed herself whether anybody will come or not she will not change the date.

Vivaan informs Geetanjali Devi that the groom side will be reaching anytime, She ask Simar to come with her. Geetanjali Devi is unable to open her wardrobe, Simar ask her permission then she opens and also secretly touches her feet. Geetanjali Devi gives her a turban and ask her that to the groom to be she have to put the turban and she shouldn’t do any mistake. Chitra watches from behind.

Simar and Rea makes Aditi ready yet she is not ready for the wedding and taunts Sandhya about it, Simar tries to explain her. Aditi then cuts the turban with blade so that the ritual will be incomplete. Aarav fixes Simar’s dupatta without looking at her back. Oswal’s welcome the Ranaji family, when Geetanjali Devi sees Mohit wearing black turban she ask him to open it, so that they can complete the ritual of putting turban to the groom, he opens it. Simar goes to bring the turban, Aarav informs Badi Ma that Simar has gone to bring the turban. Simar is shocked to find the turban torn from every side.

The end.

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