Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th September 2022 Written Update: Chaya is caged by Rudra

Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the lamentation of Chaya, she prays to Rudra to make her free. She cries for help and calls the name of Simar. Mayakshi warns Rudra to that she should polite on Chaya, because if Simar comes they will be in great danger. Rudra shows the negligence of the role of Simar.

Rudra says she doesn’t fear Simar. But Mayakshi warns him that she should be accepted as a powerful source as she has multiple positive energy. Because she can do anything and everything to kepp her family safe. Mayakshi reminds her what she has done to Rudra, how he was totally defeated by Simar. Suddenly Simar appears from the upstairs and becomes totally surprised to see something weird. She feels that there is something unnatural in the dining room. A bottle is near her foot, but she can’t anything including Rudra and Mayakshi. Chaya shouts for help but Simar can’t see anything. Simar closes the door. Suddenly a flower vase falls down but she finally doesn’t see the bottle in which Chaya is caged.

Mayakshi says Rudra that Simar is not an ordinary lady. So she will not be killed in a ordinary way. She promises that Simar will be assassinated within a few days. Mayakshi says they need Chaya for their own need. Rudra creates a magical power to free up Chaya. Rudra warns Chaya that this is the last time for her. Chaya promises that she will not forget the love of Rudra, who has been love her for hundred years. Rudra says he wants to listen the news of the murder within tomorrow.

In the next morning, the oswal family arranges for the gansha puja. Badima asks Vivaan about Reema, where she is. Vivaan confirms that she will be in a minute. He goes to call her. Simar prays to Matarani and doubts about Reema. Badima says she is happy to celebrate this traditional puja. Chaya waits for the end of the puja. Vivaan calls her from outside to get ready. But Reema will say from the closed door she needs some time. To manage Vivaan she asks to disclose the teaser of the surprise.
Simar gifts them all the children, and asks Aarav to reach them to their parents. Badima blesses Simar for her all rounder performances.

Vivaan announces that there is a great surprise for everyone, specially for Aarav and Simar. Badima gets shocked. Vivan says everyone must be involved. Gajendra shows the eagerness of the event. Everyone is curious about the forthcoming surprise moment. Vivan says there will be mega oswaal dandiya celebration. Badima asks about the celebration. Vivan explains her about the dance, drama, food, celebration etc. Everyone can’t help to wait and goes to get up ready. Chaya says she will kill Simar to stay in this family. Vivan says this is a thanks giving arrangement to Simar. He encourages them to get ready.Chaya says one will be exhausted tonight and everyone will remember this night. Simar is impressed to see the detailed arrangement of Chaya. Chaya says this is all for your. This night you can’t forget in your life.

Aarav and Simar lost in each other before getting ready. Aarav flirts with Simar. Simar comes in a wonderful gorgeous dress and she looks flawless fashion. Aarav stares at her. She becomes shy and uncomfortable.
Aarav recites a poetry being mesmerized in the beauty of Simar. Simar asks him to get ready finally, otherwise they will be late. Aarav stops at her and gazes at her eyes. He helps to wear her jewelleries. Simar looks stunning and beautiful to be in the dandiya dress.
Episode ends.

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