Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th January 2023 Written Update: Simar is threatened by Masumi

Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with a shocking revelation about Masumi. Simar says there is no lines in her palms. Simar expresses the fear about Masumi, she threatened that she will snatch the happiness from Oswaal. Aarav also supports that Masumi shouldn’t be here. Masumi also repents about this horrific incident. Gunjan asks her to calm. She says now their future will change as they promised to their mother. On asking of Chitra, they go to check Masumu’s hands. Gunjan encourage Masumi to stay calm. When they enter in the room, they see that she is sitting in a corner of the room. Gajendra expresses how helpless and unfortunate Masumi is. Gunjan asks her to stay calm and silent. Simar asks her to show her palms to Gajendra. Following the words, Masumi disagrees to show her hands. Aditi forces her, but Masumi doesn’t show anything. Suddenly Masumi becomes rude and arrogant. When Simar shows her palms, there are lines.

Seeing the lines on her palm, all they become releived. Gajendra also supports that this girl can’t do any harm to this family. Gajendra hugs Masumi comforting her. Being offended, Aditi goes out with Sandhya. Gajendra asks them to leave alone. Chitra mocks at Gajendra. Simar can’t believe the situation, she can’t rely upon the situation. Aarav drags her towards the room. Masumi holds her tears hugging Gajendra. Badima consoles Simar by saying some motivational words, but Simar becomes obstinate in her position. She continues to say that she did notice that there was no line. Aarav also understands her situation, and says she doesn’t have any guilt.

Then Gajendra comes and asks apology with folding hands. He tries to handle the situation. Gajendra says he doesn’t want to harm his own daughter Masumi. Badima announces that Masumi should leave this within the morning. The mental hospital would take care of Masumi, then she will be grown up in a orphanage with all the treatment. Gajendra can’t accept the situation. Simar also adjoins with Badima and supports her decision. Her treatment would be the best way to treat her. Masumi fears that she will cast away from this house. Gunjan says Simar is not a good human being, Masumi is asked to follow her words. Simar feels tensed thinking the whole situation. Aarav asks about her agitation. They discuss about the forthcoming danger which will shower upon their house. Aarav feels released that Masumi will be derived from that house.

Gunjan and Masumi come in the room of Aditi. Gunjan and Masumi try to revenge on her. They murmurs their grudge for Aditi and say now it’s time to alternate the future. Aditi wakes up from the sleep, but can’t see anything, then she again sleeps. Gunjan promises Masumi today she will get her deserving love, care, family everything by today. Masumi puts her hands on the palm of Aditi and Gunjan exchanges all the lines. Now Masumi’s palms are lined by Aditi’s. Aditi wakes up from her sleep and thunderstrucks to see her palm. Masumi says no will listen her and threats her. When Aditi struggles to free from Masumi, everyone comes to visit Aditi. But Aditi can’t remove her hand. When all thud on their door, Aditi doesn’t open the door. Aarav breaks the door and reveals something awestrucking.
Episode ends.

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