Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th July 2021 Written Update : Aarav tries to clarify to Simar

Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Reema explaining Aarav that how much effort she did to reach to him, she also tells him that he always wanted her and loved her. She praises him that it’s good he has taken divorce from Simar so that she have to wait only for a month, which will easily pass by. Aarav tells her that today’s her first night with his brother, Reema gets angry and tells him she doesn’t want it. He asks her to stop other he will do something very bad. She asks him to chill, she also tells him not to hide his pain and feeling for her. He tells her that do she have consciousness in her or not? He tells her that his brother fought from his family for her and also tried to kill himself for her. She confesses to him that she doesn’t love Vivaan. She tells him that he came to her room to ask whether she loved Vivaan or not, so she told him that she doesn’t love him. He asks her to stay in her limit otherwise he holds her hand and takes her out of his room.

As Aarav opens the door, Simar is standing outside his door. She notices that Aarav is holding Reema’s hand. All three of them keeps looking at each other, then Aarav leaves Reema’s hand. She leaves from there. As Aarav calls Simar, she goes behind Reema without listening to Aarav. She holds Reema’s hand from back and stops her.

Reema tells her not to gaze on her. Simar tells her that she is the elder bahu 9f this family may be for one month but she is. Reema tells her that it doesn’t matters to her. On which Simar reminds her past to her, that whether Simar wanted to wear her bridal wear or not Reema doesn’t care. Whether Aarav was left alone on Mandap with his heart broken, she doesn’t care. Whether her parents who did her upbringing got humiliated and threatened from Geetanjali Devi, Reema doesn’t care. Vivaan who loved her madly and she is using him, this also doesn’t matters to Reema.

Simar tells her that she is wrong. Reema disagrees to her. Then Simar asks her to reveal her real face infront of Vivaan, to which Reema asks her to keep Vivaan out of this. Simar tells her that this she should have thought before involving Vivaan. Simar forcefully brings Reema infront of Vivaan and asks her to confess with him the truth. Reema is unable to express then Simar tells that she will say her confession to Vivaan. Reema is very scared but Simar handles the situation and lies to Vivaan. She tells him all the good things about Reema and ask Vivaan to care of her. Vivaan thanks Mata Rani for blessing them with each other.

Simar thinks that she have to remind Reema for her wrong doings. Aarav is regretting Vivaan’s decision. He tells that he told him not get involved with Reema but he did the same mistake. He throws a vase, Simar picks it up. Aarav tries to clarify himself to Simar but Simar stops him. Aarav asks Simar to sleep as tomorrow is her recording.

Next morning Aarav gets a reminder call from radio station. Simar brings coffee for him and lights up his mood. He asks her to get ready on time. Chitra wakes up Vivaan and tells him to apologize to Bari Ma and tells Reema to prepare lunch for the family. Reema is ready to prepare food for the family as she wants to impress Badi Ma.

Aditi reaches to unknown place, when she calls Gagan she hears his phone ringing from inside, so she enters inside a godown. Someone holds her neck from back and then the place lights up, it is decorated very beautifully. Geetanjali Devi asks her advocate to extend her case against professor and his family.

The Episode ends.

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