Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th May 2022 Written Update: Dhami’s master plan

Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th May 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Dhami introduces her parents to Aarav. Aarav’s father gives omen to Aarav and says that he has heard a lot about him. Aarav refuses to accept the omen but Dhami’s father still gives him the omen. Dhami introduces her parents to Geetanjali. Dhami’s father touches Geetanjali’s feet and wants her to bless him. Geetanjali gets upset seeing his strange behaviour.

Here Anu hugs Sandhya and steals her ring too. She tells them that they are very simple people and lucky as Dhami is their daughter-in-law. Simar asks Dhami that her parents have come but where is Dr. Dhami’s father says that he may have gone out of country. Simar tells Dhami to clear her parents’ misunderstanding. Anu asks Dhami who is this.

Dhami tells Anu not to pay attention to her. Vivaan asks Dhami to answer Simar’s words. Anu says that if these people are asking then she should tell them the truth. Dhami tells Anu that she thinks she has killed her Dr. Dhami adds that she had also called Dr Pankaj. Then Pankaj comes there. Dhami introduces Pankaj to the Inspector and the lawyer. Inspector tells Simar that she should not have wasted his time. Saying this he leaves from there.

Geetanjali calls Maharaj and asks him to show the guest room to the guests. Dhami says that she herself will leave her parents till the guest room. They leave from there. Geetanjali sees that Simar is sad. She tells her not to worry. She adds that she will handle everything. Further Geetanjali calls Gajendra. She asks him to find out everything about Dhami’s parents. Gajendra understands her point.

Further Dhami takes her parents to the guest room. She asks him how did they delay in coming. They tell her that because it took them time to make a fake US passport. Dhami further explains to them that no one should know the story of her past life. They understand her point. She says that if they make a mistake, she will not leave them. Dhami adds that no one can snatch her love from her.

Here Aarav comes to Simar. He sees that Simar is upset. He asks her what happened. Simar says that today he got embarrassed because of her. Aarav tells her not to worry. Simar further tells Aarav that she is confident that everything will be good in future. She adds that she had a great day today as she danced with him. Aarav smiles. Dhami sees them together and get angry.

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