Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th November 2022 Written Update: Simar is accused of a murder

Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the outrageous behaviour of Nilambar, asks his brother why did he let Simar go. Dipankar explains his point, he confirms that he will take revenge very soon. Nilambar asks him remaining revengeful. Suddenly something mysterious starts to happen, all the lights are shivering, wind is blowing hard. They look that a lady is standing on the upward balcony, who have the resemble with Simar. They think that Simar has come to entertain them. Both brothers seduce the lady with their layered words. Suddenly Laboni appears infront of them. They both tremble and shiver in fear. They recall the horrific incidents. Dipankar and Nilambar can’t believe the presence of Laboni as they killed her 10 years before. But Laboni continues to scream and threat them, which makes them more pale. Laboni reminds them how brutally they killed her, tortured her, broke the heart, and tore apart the love between Laboni and Arindam.

Laboni threats them that this time she wouldn’t allow them to lose her love. Laboni hurts the face of the two brothers with a bottle of glass, continues to scream on them. Dipankar tries to save himself, but Laboni becomes more angry as they hurts Aarav. They both ask forgiveness on their knees. But Laboni would never forgive them, she breaks all the household things and He kept scaring them. Suddenly she closed the door, to prevent people from outside. They prays for the lives, but Laboni will never spare them.

She starts various spooky and weird things around them to scare. A lampshed are thrown towards the two brothers.
Meanwhile, after awakening from the sleep, Aarav doesn’t find Simar anywhere. When he peeks into the bathroom and sees Simar washing her hands there. Asks her why she is washing his hands so late at night. Simar says that she went to her Matarani after being scared all night, that vermilion was in her hand. Later Simar apologizes that she is the one who caused so much commotion in the whole house, but Aarav says that it is his fault. He should have understood that he should not go to such devils with his wife at such a late night. Exhausted Aarav hugs Simar to find some piece. They look tired and puzzled.

In the morning, two dead bodies of the Dipankar and Nilambar are found. Police are resqued the bodies. The police start the investigation and one junior police is asked about the last night. He submitted the cctv footage to other one and is asked to take the finger prints. Meanwhile, Simar runs in kitchen to hear thr voice of Jhumri. Jhumri ignores the fact. Simar asks Jhumri again why did she put the veil all time. When Simar uncovers the cloth of her head, Vivaan catches some photos of her. But no one sees the face of Laboni, as she pulls the veil again.

Reema enters the kitchen with two dresses in her hand and asks Vivaan to come with her to solve her confusion about attire. Then all of them are asked to come to the main hall. Simar asks Laboni to take the sandwiches to the hall. Inspector asks Badima what she had done to cancel the deal between Oswal and Roy Chowdhary? He shows a video of Simar and Aarav entering to the Roy Chowdhary’s. Badima asks Aarav and Simar, if they were there in the late evening. Then she asks Aarav about the wound on his forehead. Inspector starts accusing Aarav and says that in the Roy Chowdhary’s house four men were killed brutally last night. Everyone gets very shocked. Badima shows her concern for them and says that they have nothing to do with the murder. Reema says that she have heard about the famous Roy Chowdhary  of Bengal somewhere. Inspector begins questioning Aarav and Simar. He asks Simar if she had came back home with Aarav last night after the arguement, then why she had returned there in the Roy Chowdhary mansion again last night? Simar gets very confused as she had not gone there again. Inspector asks the same question repeatedly and shows a video of a woman entering the Roy Chowdhary house, but her face is hidden under a cloth. Inspector says that Simar was also in a red dress last night, so the woman must be Simar. Simar looks very shocked and scared. On the other hand Laboni looks satisfied with her act and plan. Aarav keeps saying that Simar was with him last night and as the unknown women’s face was hidden he denies it to be Simar. But Simar washing her red hand last keeps flashing in front of his eyes. But the Inspector does not look satisfied and asks for their finger print. Simar and Aarav give their finger print to the constable.

Episode ends with Inspertor leaving the house with his team. But before leaving he says that they will keep meeting with the Oswals, in a threatening and puts a scrutinizing eye on them.

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