Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th October 2022 Written Update: Oswaal receives a mysterious gift

Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th October 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the confusion of Simar. In spite of having the same size of Simar’s hands, the gifted bangle are become unfit t Simar’s palm. She becomes confused. And finally it injures her hand and starts to release blood. Meanwhile Sadhwiji and her Guru assumes something ominous to see the ambiguous weather. They pray for th he Oswal family.

After coming Reema, she binds her hands with bandage. She asks about the reason of the injury. Simar says about the Aarav’s gift. Reema wishes for their happy conjugal life. They both are asked to come in downstair as the gifts have to be opened. There are many gifts which are send by many guests. When Simar is asked to bring a seizure, the she put the bangle on a table and it itself fells down. When Sadhwiji and her Guru calculate the future, the ashes turn black and they assume something threatening will happen to Simar. Sadhwiji calls Simar but she doesn’t receive the call.

Simar surves snacks when others celebrate the Diwali function. Aarav requests Simar to wear the bangle, then Simar says about her injury. When she goes, she feels something doomy. Here in the inside, Oswaal females are busy to open the gift boxes. There are many expensive and various gifts. Suddenly Chitra notices a giant gift box which makes everyone surprised. Meanwhile, Riyansh and Vivaan ask the permission of Gajendra and Giriraj to party with alcohol but Simar strictly prohibits them to do that. When she enters in the hall, doesn’t find the bangle anywhere and feels something doomy in the environment. She asks the help of maharajji to search it. But the bangle roams around the house by itself. Wherever Aarav goes, it follows him.

Badima asks Sandhya to open the grand box of gift. But Sandhya doubts whether it truly belongs to them as it doesn’t have any proper address, name or anything else. Simar is asked to check the sender’s name. When she checks, she finds her own bangle which is attached to the box. When she tries to pick it up, she fails but Aarav picks it up easily to put it in her hand. And amazingly with the touch of love of Aarav, the bangle easily moves in the hand of Simar. They both become so happy and satisfied. When Aarav leaves, Simar feels a jerk from behind.

When Simar receives the call of Sadhwiji, she continuously asks whether everything is okay or not. Something sinister incident is going to happen in Oswal family again. Simar also feels something threatening around her. Suddenly a burning fire cracker runs towards the box and fire starts burning
Being nervous, everyone jumps towards the box to extinguish the fire. Aarav successfully extinguishes the fire and sees there is the statue which he picked up in antique shop. Everyone defines it as a ugly and menacing sculpture when Aarav describes the incidents of the statue.
Episode ends.

Episode starts with the confusion of Aarav. Aarav becomes confused to think what gift he should give to Simar. Vivan suggests him to give some dresses and makeup assets but Aarav denies to buy those things because Simar likes ordinary and exceptional things. Then suddenly a bangle of statue draws his attention. Meanwhile Simar and Reema come to Sadhwiji for some suggestions. They says that they followed everything which was said by Sadhvi ji. Both the sisters acknowledge the contribution of Sadhvi ji in their peaceful life. They thanks her for saving them from the evil hands of Rudra.

Suddenly a hermit who is the guruji of Sadhwiji comes and prophets about their dreams. They bow down to him. Sadhwiji appreciates about his potentiality regarding the astrology. When he asked about the dream to Simar and Reema, they both togetherly utter about a burning lady. They both get awestruck by listening each other.

Mentha oil Arab comes in the shop of the antique things, the shepherd denies to have any collection of the jewellery. But Aarav emphasizes about the bangle he saw at the first time. When Aarav repeatedly saying about the bangles, the shopper can’t remember whether he has any collection of bangles. Then suddenly Aarav sees a statue whose head is covered by a clothe, owns the bangle in one hand and a musical instrument in the other hand. Then then the shopper remembers explains that it’s not a woman,it is a statue in which the bangle is a part of it. Aarav understands that and denies to take it. But the shopper insist Arab to take the bangle breaking the statue. This statue has been standing in the corner for the years as it was never selected by any customer so it is counted as a bad luck and liberty to the shopper. The shopkeeper criticizes the maker of the statue which looks ugly. He forces Aarav to take the bangle instead of rs 1000 then finally breaking the hand of the statue, he collects it. Aarav becomes outrageous, as he made some harm to it. Meanwhile, the hermit makes them coscious about the evil attack. He says that if any house is already taken over some evils, that house can’t be get over from those negative energy.

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