Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th October 2022 Written Update: Aarav is offered to play a dare

Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th October 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with opening of the statue, which appears as a ugly and weird. The hideous look of the statue makes everyone unpleasant and awkward. Badima abhorred the look of the statue which turns her very vexed. She asks Aarav to return into the shop. But Aarav constinently tries explain the hidden beauty of the sculpture. Badima feels disturbed to see it, and goes to hit the hack.

Aarav’s hand suddenly is get stucked with the statue, Simar disconnectes the threads. When Vivaan and others are still energetic to celebrate the Diwali, then Sandhya and Gajendra forbid them to do so, as already there was a misfortuned incident. Vivaan offers to play cards and others get excited to think their participation. Aarav asks Maharaj ji to keep the statue in a safe basement. Sadhwiji is called by Simar to inform all the incidents, she again asks her to be conscious about the surroundings.

A great round of card playing is going in the dining hall among Aditi, Reema, Kavya, Vivaan, Simar Aarav and Riyansh. Simar often loses her attention due to her inner tension. Reema asks her to hold the attention. After few times, except Aarav and Simar everyone get out. Simar and Aarav start a dispute between them who will win. They both look confident, then Simar asks Aarav to bring money, but he doesn’t have the money in that moment. Simar insists him to do that, but the Aarav is offered to play truth and dare game in the end of the game.

Aarav says that if he wins, Simar have to kiss on his cheeks, Simar definitely gets embarrassed. Others do encourage them to do, but Simar blushes to think that. Then there is one more dare, if he fails to win, he have to kiss the statue going in the basement. Simar feels unpleasant to think this condition, then others make her understand that this is only a statue. Then they togetherly show their cards and definitely the triumph is on the side of Simar. Aarav is encouraged to go there to the statue and have to make a selfie video when he kisses on it. Aarav goes in the basement and tells an introduction to the statue before kissing, that his love and heart and more importantly he himself belong to Simar.

Aarav convinces the statue that all his love and affections are only for Simar. He is kissing the statue only to complete his dare and to show the world that beauty has nothing to do with scars. But as he kisses the statue it opens it’s eyelids and then in some other place , a strange statue maker also comments on the stutue with scars, that it looks beautiful. Sadhwiji feels that the statue is a devil sign and she leaves for Oswals.

Simar feels restless about Aarav’s safty. Reema and Vivaan make fun of her by saying it jealousy. Shadwiji calls Simar but she had already left the room so she cannot picks up the call. As Aarav tries to leave the store room differnt thinks keep falling on floor. At first Aarav do not take it seriously, but then something falls on him and his foot stuck into it. He tries to unwind his foot. Simar is already on her way to find Aarav and as she reaches the main hall, she hears some sounds from the store room.

Shadhwiji is in her car and as she fails to call Simar, she tries to send a voicemail to Simar, awaring her about the devil statue and its affection for Aarav. But suddenly her phone falls on the floor while driving, so she stops the car to pick up the phone. But later, she cannot start her car’s engine. She starts walking on the road and suddenly big truck come in front of her and she cannot help herself.

Simar reaches the store room to help him and screams out of fear as her eyes fall on Aarav. Everyone hear her scream and they also reach there for help. Vivaan and Riyansh rescue Aarav and they leave the room. Everyone looks very worried. Sadhwiji is safe, the truck havenot hitted her. But as she reaches the Oswal main gate, big trunk of a tree falls on her and she falls on the ground cover with blood.

Episode ends with, Simar again entring into the store room to find the statue.

Episode starts with the confusion of Simar. In spite of having the same size of Simar’s hands, the gifted bangle are become unfit t Simar’s palm. She becomes confused. And finally it injures her hand and starts to release blood. Meanwhile Sadhwiji and her Guru assumes something ominous to see the ambiguous weather. They pray for th he Oswal family.

After coming Reema, she binds her hands with bandage. She asks about the reason of the injury. Simar says about the Aarav’s gift. Reema wishes for their happy conjugal life. They both are asked to come in downstair as the gifts have to be opened. There are many gifts which are send by many guests. When Simar is asked to bring a seizure, the she put the bangle on a table and it itself fells down. When Sadhwiji and her Guru calculate the future, the ashes turn black and they assume something threatening will happen to Simar. Sadhwiji calls Simar but she doesn’t receive the call.

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