Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th May 2021 Written Update: Devesh tries to bluff Reema

Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aarav trying to fix Chote Simar’s sandle and asks her to be more careful. Reema watches all these and gets angry on Chote Simar. When Chote Simar comes back to home, Reema shouts at her and warns her that till her marriage she has to maintain distance from Aarav and have to keep her phone always with her. Chote Simar tells to herself that her tears will not come on the way of her sister’s wedding. Badi Simar asks Aarav if he has to select between Reema and Chote Simar then whom will he choose. He gets surprised by the question and just ignores it.

The Narayan family is busy preparing for the ceremonies. All the decoration are going hand on hand. Chote Simar and Gagan are all busy in their work. Avinash tells to Indu that they should invite Oswal’s family for all their functions. Neighbors come to meet and congratulate Indu on her daughters wedding. Meanwhile Chote Simar gets a call for Reema from a reporter. Reema hears the call and snatches phone from Chote Simar hand. Reema takes the call silently, the report wants to interview her as she the only girl shortlisted from Agra for the beauty pageant. She tells to the report that she will get back to him. She calls Devesh and asks him to give the details of the pageant and then she will think on it. Devesh toast a drink with the report as they both are involved in this conspiracy.

While looking at the details Reema finds that Chote Simar is standing behind her. Reema tries to hide the details. But Chote Simar comes to apologize to Reema for coming with Aarav. Simar and Reema shares an emotional moment together. Reema forgives simar. After going through the details Reema again calls Devesh and asks for some more information but he tries to jumble her in his words and asks her to come and meet him. Reema tells him that tomorrow is her Haldi ceremony so she cannot come yet she will try. Devesh calls and tells Chitra, she is furious on him and wants result fast. Devesh tells her that he is not her pawn and tells her about Reema and Vivaan affair. Chitra gets shocked.

Shobha is scolding Roma and not allowing her to attend Reema’s marriage. Manoj comes and supports Roma but still Shobha is not ready. Roma tells her that she is angry on her just because Oswal family didn’t gives respect to her. Oswal family is ready for the Haldi function. All the ladies in the family grinds Haldi for Reema. Vivaan takes the file in which Reema’s photo were there. Aarav tries to see the file and as he opens, Reema’s photo is on the top.

The end

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