Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th September 2022 Written Update: Oswal family is bearing an old curse

Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Reema making a wish list for upcoming days. Simar comes and asks her about her plans. They start planning together for some crazy and fun things, like street food for a whole day, long drive, roasted corns etc. Reema wishes, that she would like to spend her life in a very simple manner. Simar supports her dreams. Badimaa comes and asks Reema to take rest and leave. Because she wants to talk to Simar. As Reema leaves, Badimaa expresses her fears about something bad to Simar. Badimaa says that, she is expecting someing omenous. Simar tries to come her down. But Badimaa is so scared that even thought of Matarani’s blessings cannot come her down. She keeps saying all these accidents are just starting of something very furious and noone can stop her anymore. Simar asks, who is she?

In a half dark room, there is a women setting on a rock chair says ” you( Rudra and Mayakshi) two have dissapointed me again” and she stands up angrily. Then that lady with long black hair asks Rudra and Mayakshi to open the door, she is standing behind a locked door. Mayakshi asks Rudra what should they do now? Rudra says that they have to do it.

Badimaa is holding a book in her hand and says that she have forgot about somthing very long ago. She shows the book to Simar. There is a sign on the book, a star in a circle. Simar identifies the sign and Badimaa explains it as “Pachmahabhut” or a door to body for the souls. She also says that Simar was standing exactly in the middle of that star when she got attacked and someone standing there means immense danger or death. Araav on the other side gets both paniced and furious about Simar and his family getting attacked. Simar gets shocked about her death. But she feels relieved that Rudra couldnot harm her. Araav listens to her from outside of the room and says “Yes! Rudra cannot harm you” and leaves to take revenge to Rudra. But Badimaa says that its not about Rudra and she recalls a lady’s voice saying, ” you will also lost your love ones Gitanjali devi !”. She explains that someone was got killed in there house a long ago and now she is back to take her revenge. Badimaa as well as Simar , both look nervous about upcoming omenous days. Badimaa start crying and keeps saying that noone can stop her , because death is the only truth.

Reema is sitting in her room in the dark and suddenly Vivaan comes and she gets frightened. She gives Vivaan a tight hug. Vivaan starts romancing with her in the candle light. Reema apologizes to her and says how much she had missed her. They both promises each other that they won’t leave each other in any situation. Araav comes to his room in search of his gun. He take his gun and cannot find the bullets. Vivaan starts spinning Reema around her waist in happiness. But then Araav suddenly knocks their door. Araav asks for bullets fron Vivaan to kill Rudra. As Reema tries to stop Araav, he locks Reema and take Vivaan out of the room. Araav says his entire family is in danger because of Rudra. Vivaan looks convinced. They both leaves to kill Rudra.

Simar asks Badimaa about the solution and Badimaa finds out an address from the book. It is an address of a holyman, who can save them from the situation. They promise each other that they will save their family and leaves for that holyman now. As Vivaan comes to his room for bullets Reema tries to stop him by saying about Rudra’s power. But Vivaan denies to listen to her. Reema holds Vivaan’s foot and keeps praying. She tries to stop them. But Vivaan looks determind. Then Araav comes to them and says they should not go there. Vivaan throghs the bullets on the floor and tries to convince Reema and suddenly they find that Araav is not in the room anymore and bullets on the floor is also not there. Vivaan and Reema understand that Araav is already on his way alone.
Episode ends with, Badima recalling about the old curse, Araav leaving alone to take the revenge to Rudra and on the other side, Rudra doing some rituals in front of fire.

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