Sasural Simar Ka 2 30th August 2022 Written Update: Simar calls Rudra

Sasural Simar Ka 2 30th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the prayer of Simar and Aarav to matarani, she worships matarani to get the answers of all her questions. Suddenly someone calls Aarav. Meanwhile, Vivaan can see a shadow of Reema from the upstairs, which seems spooky. Reema is appeared in the garden, provokes Vivaan to jump from the upstairs. Simar looks that Vivaan endeavours to jump from the upstairs to catch the shadow of Reema. Simar runs to stop him and catches his shirt from behind and she saves him. Finally Aarav and Simar able to save him.

Vivaan still in his ambiguous state, thinks Reema came to meet her. Aarav and Simar tries to pacify him, he is obstinate to see the sign of Reema. Simar convinces him that is she would find her. Simar reaches in the garden for searching, feels something horrific sensation.

Chitra and Vivaan again conspire to get Simar to out from the Oswaal mansion. She plans to win the mind of Badima in the absence of Simar. She adjoins to hold position of Ishita and Riyansh, emphasizes to bring back Reema as she is missing her “partner in crime”.

Vivaan insists to Aarav to bring back Reema as he is missing Reema terrifically. Aarav tries to have him the medicine but he feels that how much mentally damaged vivaan is.
Simar comes and tries to console him to have some medicine. Vivan falls asleep murmuring the name of Reema.

Aarav and Simar discuss about the shadow. Simar tells him that she felt something wired in the garden. Simar asks the aid from matarani. Suddenly a paper piece is thrown from the window, she identifies the hand writing of Reema. Chitra comes in the room of Vivaan and threats her to get out. She drags her out from the room but somehow Aarav catches her from falling.

Badima asks her why they went in the room of him. Aarav confesses his suicidal attempt. Everyone gets thunderstrucked. Simar shows the note of Reema to Badima. She looks confused. Simar convinces Badima regarding the hand writing and the wired presence of Reema. Simar also says this Reema may be in the danger. Chitra pokes Simar for her hypocrisy. Simar tries to convince Chitra, but she is obstinate in her position. Badima interferes and tells Simar to solve the mistery within nabaratri.
Chitra reminds her pledge leaving the house.

Simar calls Rudra for the information about Reema, but Rudra acts that he doesn’t know anything. After cutting the phone, someone calls Simar, after receiving the phone she looks scared.
Episode ends.

Episode starts with Badima’s prayer to Ma Durga for Vivaan’s health. Sandhya says to Simar not to worry to think the words of Chitra. Simar apologises for Reema’s desperation and acknowledges her own guilt. Badima says she will punish hard if Vivaan would face any damage. Suddenly Chitra comes and throws out every single things of Reema to wash out her name from Vivaan’s life. These things may become impulsive to him. So that’s why Chitra wants to delete every sign of Reema from this house.

In his room, Vivaan thinks of the insult of Reema through her letter. He looks traumatized and wrecked. Meanwhile, Simar arranges and gathers all things together. To see this Chitra pokes Simar as she is still supporting Reema. Badima also asks why she is arranging those things. Simar says she also wants to evacuate every belonging of Reema, then, she burns everything. To see the fire, everyone looks

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