Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd June 2021 Written Update: Badi Simar consoles Chote Simar

Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Reema holding Chote Simar hands and brings her to show the picture of Aarav and her in pool. Roma tells Reema why did she hit her younger sister. Chote Simar tries to explain Reema but she is not ready to listen to her. Even Roma and Gagan tries their best to explain the situation to Reema yet she thinks Chote Simar is guilty. Reema again going to slap Chote Simar but meantime Avinash stops her.

Indu tells Avinash that its between sisters and they should not interfere but still Reema shows the photo to Avinash. He scolds Chote Simar and tells her that she has broken his trust. Reema request Chote Simar to stay away from Aarav and let this wedding finish. Reema leaves the room, Roma follows her. Chote Simar is unable to clear her misunderstanding.

Today everyone is preparing for Mehndi and Sangeet ceremony. Gagan tries to check loud speaker sound, but Avinash asks him to stop it. Then Indu tells him that Reema’s in-laws donot celebrates Sangeet so no more loud speaker. Reema is thinking about contest. She gets text from Devesh whether she is coming for the contest or not. Roma enters the room, Reema hides her phone then Roma asks her to get dressed up fast as everybody is waiting for her.

Narayan family welcomes Oswal family for the Mehndi function. Roma tries to take blessings from Shobha but she moves on without giving her blessings. Reema comes, everyone praises her. Badi Simar asks for Chote Simar and goes to find her. She finds her crying and tries to console her as her sister is leaving tomorrow. But then Chote Simar tells her that Reema is also angry on her.

Reema and Aditi are selecting design for Mehndi function. Chitra comes and sends Aditi away from there. Then she sits with Reema and confirms design for her. Then she tells to Reema that Vivaan told her she wants to be a super model. Reema gets shock. Chitra tells her that she looks like Miss India and falsely praises her alot. Reema again gets text from Devesh to confirm whether she is coming for the contest or not. Reema prays to God to help her take decision.

Chote Simar tells to Badi Simar about Reema that she is angry on her and is not ready to forgive her at any cost as she knows her nature. Badi Simar gives ideas to Chote Simar to take apology from her sister. She asks her to do that one thing which Reema loves about her and then Chote Simar agrees to it and gets happy and wipes her tears. Badi Simar and Chote Simar shares a great bonding together.

The end.

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