Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th August 2021 Written Update : Geetanjali Devi suggests Simar to ask Reema to divorce Vivaan

Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Geetanjali Devi takes his husband and his second wife photo and remembers her past. Yamini Devi was young and beautiful and was a great singer. His husband came to a her show where Yamini Devi was singing her song. He fells for his voice and beauty. He keeps sitting there after the song got over. Then Yamini Devi tells to Gopi Chand Oswal that the song got over, he got up from his chair and tells her that he didn’t knew when she stopped singing. He then gave her a rose and praised her singing.

Meanwhile Geetanjali Devi awakes from her dream. She finds the photo in her hand. She starts feeling very uneasy and suffocated. She drinks water, still she is very disturbed. She keeps closing her ears as if she hears something. She prays to Durga Ma to give her strength to fight with the voice she hears all the time in her brain, otherwise she have the power to do anything. She leaves from there.

Simar regrets her unprofessional behaviour. As she she tells she didn’t have Ma Saraswati photo but she have Yamini Devi photo she is talking with her photo and blames herself as she was not able to meet her idol, from childhood she followed Yamini Devi for singing. Geetanjali Devi sees Simar she doubts that with whom she is talking so late. As she is going to see her, Aarav calls Simar. When Simar goes to Aarav, he made coffee for both of them. She tells him that she regrets her unprofessional behaviour. Aarav tells her that don’t apologize so much that Ma Saraswati have to come down to give apology to her. She asks him that how many more days she have in this house, to which he tells her that he can count the days but he didn’t want to.

Geetanjali Devi says from back twenty one days she have in this house. Then she comes infront of them. She complains to Aarav that he never made a coffee for her. He says that he will bring one fresh coffee for her, she stops Simar from preparing her coffee and ask Aarav to bring one for her. She asks Simar to sit with her and tells her what she has done to Aarav that he is preparing coffee for her. She also tells her that how she pretends so innocent, to which Simar says she didn’t pretend. She warns that she will again humiliate her father, Simar begs not to do something like that. Geetanjali Devi then asks her to take her sister with her, ask her to divorce Vivaan. So that then she will spare her father. Simar agrees to it. Geetanjali Devi takes her coffee and goes to her room to drink.

Simar sees that Aarav wound again started bleeding. Reema asks Vivaan to fulfill his promise that he told her that she will be the face of Oswal group. Vivaan tells her that she is scaring him now, as before she was not Oswal Bahu but now he cannot take her out from Oswal mansion and put her in Oswal group. Still Reema sees her dream to be an international model.

Roma asks Lalit how his job is going to which he tells her it’s all going smooth. He shouts at him to stop lieing to her as she knows that he don’t have any work. She questions to him that from where he bought all those money. She doubts him that he had sold her jewellery. He tells her that he didn’t sold her jewellery and will bring them back once his book will be published. She asks what more he had lied to her. Then Lalit tries to comfort Roma and tells her that he has done everything for her and loves her very much.

Simar trying to change Aarav’s bandage. She asks him to sleep on bed for today and she will sleep on sofa. She tells him that he should have made coffee today he should take rest and take care of his wound. He tells her that she is there to take care of his wound. Simar then writes Bout Aarav in her dairy. Simar feels happy that Aarav is sleeping comfortably. Reema poses infront of mirror.

Simar tells to Sandhya that she behaves just like her mother. Avinash asks Indu to get ready as they are going somewhere. Roma tells to Indu that she and Lalit are going back to their house as Shobha called them back. Lalit promises to himself to make Roma feel proud of him one day. Simar comes to Reema room and gives her Aarti and tells that Avinash is not well. Reema tells her not to put blame on her and stop playing blame game with her all the time.

The Episode Ends.

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