Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th November 2022 Written Update: Aarav is influenced by the statue

Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Araav sleeping and it seems someone is watching him. Badima insists Chitra and Shandhya to put off the Kangan and Payal but they denies. They both shout out to Badima. Vivaan, Gajendra and Giriraj arrives there to sort out the matter. But then Giriraj forcefully take away the Kangan from Chitra. After that Chitra became quiet and Giriraja and Vivaan take her away. Giriraj atfirst peacefully asks Shandhya to puts off Payel but later forcefully snatches it from her. Doctor calls Simar that Araav is getting back his sense slowly so she should come at once. Simar says Badima that as Chitra and Shandhya have put off the evil jewelleries their start getting good news. Badima asks Simar to go to hospital, to Araav.

Vivaan and Riyansh, with some help, tries to dispose the card statue. They wraps the statue with combustibles like cotton and clothes. Badima arrives there with the jewelleries and give them back to the statues. She says the statue to leave their home and put on a fire on it. The fire of the burning statue take shape of a dancing lady. Araav gets back his sense in a very nervous way. But then Simar helps him to clam down. Araav apologizes to Simar for living her alone in critical situation. But Simar says that it is only Matarani’s blessing that he is okay. She hugs Araav. But Araav says that he is feeling like danger is not over yet. Doctor says that his restlessness is due to the fatality of the accident and leaves. Simar starts crying on his shoulder and tries to explain how much she loves him.

Araav arrives back to Oswals. Badima and everyone well come back him. But the looks in Chitra’s eye is not normal. Everyone helps Araav to get to his bedroom and wish him a speedy recovery. Simar gives Araav a half heart shaped locket and chain and keeps other half of the heart and chain for herself. She says the like this chain they are fulfill each other. As Araav find out that the Kangan is not in Simar’s wrist, he insists her to put it on and says something in bengali. Simar donot get the meaning of the word but she finds it scary as Araav donot know bengali. She tries to figure out the whole issue and leaves the room to find out wheather the statue is completely burnt or not. She fails to figure out anything from the asses, as donot looks like asses of a statue.She tries find out the left over metals of the Kangan and Payal but fails to find any such thing. She gets an idea that someone must have already taken them away and those are yet not destroyed. Badima comes there and Simar explains everything that she is suspecting.

Episode ends with Badima getting confused, as she herself had put the statue on fire and Simar gettimg more nervous and confused.

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