Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th January 2023 Written Update: Simar is vanished by Dubru in the evil world

Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with a dramatic situation in oswaal family. Promila devi again points out the lacuna of Simar, as Simar cheated with Arindam. Simar says she did that acting for sake of her family. Then hold each other’s hands. Then one by one, promises that they will not break their try bonding. Promila devi says she doesn’t have anything to loose, and goes to break the statue of Simar with a hammer. But breaking the statue doesn’t affect Simar anyhow. When Promila boasts of her action, them Simar stands still. When she turns in the back, Simar shows her protecting bracelet. Now Simar showcases the untity of her family. Promila devi stares at their hands, which are holded by each other.

Arindam screams at Simar when she boasts about her own family. He can’t control her anger as she has destroyed every sign of his family. They continue arguing on the issue of the family. Meanwhile Pramila Devi mocks at Simar as badima is still captivated under herself. She showcases her superiority over them. She adjoins that Badima will never be rescued by her family. Simar holds the feet of Pramila Devi requesting that to free Badima. Again Promila smirks seeing Simar under her feet. But tactfully Simar pulls out the payel from the leg of Promila, then Simar shows it that she will throw it in the fire. Both the evils get shocked to see that. When Promila devi tries to play the game for the last time, she is stopped by Vivaan.

Finally, Simar throws the Payal of Pramila Devi into the fire and she gets unconscious after many struggle which makes Arindom furious more. Arindam stares at her, in his trembling voice he screams at Simar. When he runs to kill Simar, Aarav saves her and Arindam can’t hold his balance and he losts his sense. When Aarav touches him he sees that the face of that evil is moistened by blood.

Here Badima still doesn’t get her sense, they start to pray to matarani for her recuperation. Everyone pray to God being so helpless. Simar whispers that God should show some grace on them. She vehemently cries for Badima. After many prayers, Badima opens her eyes and utters the name of Maa Durga. Simar runs to hug her and holds Badima her arms between her arms. Then everyone comes to embrace Badima with love. Suddenly dookudu being outrageous holsa hand of Simar and drags her. Within a moment, hi vanishes with Arindam and Simar hiding under the mirror. To save her, Vivan also vanishes with them. Reema and Aarav get thunderstrucked.

In the world of the mirror, all the jokers mock at her situation, Simar gets her conscious, but she gets nervous to see her surroundings. When she roams around, but fails to find anything. Then she starts to scream. Here Reema, Chitra and Aarav evryone lament over the situation. Here, Badima encourage them to hold their courage. She suggests others to come to herself. She increases the enthusiasm of her family members, that they have to save Simar by hook or crook. To proclaim their duty, she recalls how Aarav fought with Badima herself to get Simar in her life. Badima uplifts the courage of Reema and cheers evryone. With the motivation of her strong speech, she inspires everyone to gather their vein. Finally, they hold the hand her family, and pledges they will save Simar and Vivaan. And Badima adjoins that Simar and Vivaan will also help each other.
Episode ends.

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