Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th January 2023 Written Update: Simar is buried alive by the evils

Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with the confusion state of Simar. She is stricken to see the many jokers at the same row. Dubru is the leader of the joker family. They mock at her withered situation. She doesn’t understand what she should do. She screams at them, as they forcefully captivated her. She threat them with their unity. Dubru says he himself is the leader of that group. There would be no instruction for them.

All joker make fun of her. Dubru blames Simar for murdering Roy Chowdhury family. She is accused for murdering Arindom. Simar is chickened out listening the threat of Dubru. He continues says he will take revenge by killing her and her proud family. Being scared, Simar starts to scream, Vivaan gets his sense, but he notices he is in a anonymous forest. He can’t indentify his present location and he starts to scream with the name of Simar.

Here, Aarav and Reema again come to visit Debojit. He becomes rude to see them again. Aarav apologizes to him for disturbing him. Debojit asks how did they bring the magical mirror. Aarav says they have returned the spirits of Roy Chowdhury. Then they describe the whole incident. They also describe the disappointed situation of Vivaan and Simar. Debojit says that that joker groups are more powerful and superior than himself. They misused his magical mirror. He assumes that those evil jokers has killed them. Reema and Aarav tells confidently that they can’t be killed. They both request Debojit for showing them a way.

Dubru here continues his monotonous blabbering to Simar, blaming Simar. Simar defines that she has given freedom to those spirit. Dubru and his group decide to take revenge by killing Simar. They captivate Simar forcefully. Simar has lost her sense through some magic. They start to build up a brick wall around her. Simar starts to cry. Aarav feels her pain seeing the statue. Dubru and his group enjoy as they successfully revenged.

Here, Aarav observes the statue and confirms that Simar is okay. Badima again motivates the word of Aarav, as he js truly connected with Simar. Aarav prays to God and taking some red dye, he puts on the statue of Simar. Aarav continues remembering thier Romantic promises. Aarav continues his monologue that Simar should remember her own words. With the strong feeling of thier love, Aarav tries to be connected with Simar.

Getting back the sense, Simar starts to scream, which makes the statue active. Aarav feels Simar touching the statue. Simar also, being attached with Aarav purely, feels the touch of Aarav. Both get emotional when the elders pray to God for the stability of the situation. Simar starts showing some indication with some gesture, and the statue also plays the same thing. Aarav gets motivated and enthusiastically increases his confidence on the love. Aarav also uplifts Simar’s mind, which makes Simar more strong. She is driven by Aarav, and breaks the wall by her own hand.

Episode ends.

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