Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th November 2022 Written Update: Reema stands beside Simar

Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with a intimidating situation of Simar, where she tries to find out Aarav in a dark and gloomy field. When Vivaan understands that why Aarav has gone to meet the girl, he gets up to go out. But Rima stops him. Because whenever the idol sees a third person among them, it kills him being suffered in insecurity. From an immense possessiveness, the girl used to kill who dared to interfere in their conjugal moment. Reema hugs him passionately. Gajendra asks Maharaj ji to check all the generator and searches the main reason of the power cut.

Riyansh, vivan, Giriraj everyone tries to find out Aarav everywhere, but they fail to point out the presence of Aarav. Meanwhile, Badima tells everything to Guruji, but he defines that already they Oswaals are attacked by some evil powers. He also suggests to take care of Simar because she might face something ominous. Being mesmerized, Simar roams around to find Arav, but listens the sound of the ektara. Suddenly she is stopped by Badima and is asked go inside. When she is compelled to go inside, someone announces that Aarav is inside.

Simar races in the dining room and hugs Reema emotionally. Chitra makes fun of their effort, as everyone didn’t find Arav in his room as he was in his own room. Everyone moves in the room of Aarav. Badima tries to pacify her agitation regarding Aarav. She looks completed and composed getting back her Aarav. Badima proposes Simar if she need any help of them, but Simar asks everyone to have the rest.

Chitra again pinches to hurt Simar, but Badima emphatically says others to get out from the room. Suddenly, Simar notices that there is a couple of shoes under the bed which she kept outside of their room. Simar also notices that there are some wet muds around the chappal. She checks both of their shoes are soaked in the same wet mud. Simar becomes sure that Aarav was there in that moment.

Chitra and Sandhya get offended to see the hypocrisy of Simar and continue to talk in Bengali. Reema is shown the suspicious sandle of Aarav. Reema explains how the story is repeating by itself. The girl used to call the boys in mid of the night, Aarav is being called by the same girl of the statue. They both suprised to think that in spite of having the wound in the leg of Aarav, how he roamed in the field. Then Reema realises that it may be the magical effect of the statue. Reema suddenly feels that they are being observed by someone who hidden in the curtain. Reema forwards to check if anyone is there behind the curtain, but there is none.

In the midst of the night, Simar and Reema hear a Bengali song in a female voice. They both continue to descend quietly and amaze to see that Sandhya and Chitra are relishing their musical jalsa with their unconventional musical instruments. Chitra dances and Sandhya adjoins with her voice. After completing their musical conference, Chitra asks Simar how did they feel their conference. Reema and Simar get confounded to see their Bengali pronunciation and make ups like Bengali bahu. She asks Chitra and Sandhya why did they arrange this musical meeting in midst of the night.

Chitra and Sandhya insist them to sit down with them to listen songs. Simar suggests Reema to concentrate on their conversation and applauds their musical conference and asks them to go in their own room. Simar rushes to the room of Aarav to check whether he is alright or not. Simar again feels same wired environment in her room. Simar is asked to drive away the statue from the house before the sunrise.
Episode ends .

Simar Episode starts with the surprise news of Simar given to Badima. She tells her how surprisingly Aarav started to talk in Bengali, which is very weird. Badima suggests to simar to take the aid of Guruji in the next morning. In the next morning, Aarav awakes from the sleep and is asked to have the breakfast. Badima, Reema and Simar go to the Guruji, and Badima explains how she burnt out the statue which is turned into ashes. As soon as, Guruji mixes up the ashes in the water, it turned out totally black and smells bad. Guruji says it’s not the ashes of the statue, and it never burnt out. Badima doesn’t understand how can be it possible. Simar directly asks the aid of Guruji to find out the statue. He proposes Simar to gather more information about the origin of the statue. Reema tells that she has already researched everything and shows the article of the magazine. The girl of the statue and her mother were died because of the fire. Shortly after that time, the paper itself burnt out which turns out everyone’s amazed.

Guruji untangles that the girl of statue is very dangerous who needs something very special of the Oswaal and it is still in their house. Reema describes the story behind the statue. There was a beautiful girl named Laboni, worked as a servent in the house of Roy Chowdhury zaminder family in gobindpur of Kolkata. Getting attracted to her beauty, one of the son of that family fell in love with Laboni. He used to meet the girl behind the eyes of others and started to make statue of that girl. The musical instrument and that special bangle were given in the hand of the statue. Then everyone in family came to know about their illegal love relationship, and burnt her alive in a locked room. But somehow she survived but was tortured and vehemently insulted for her dark burning sign. That’s why she is still craved for her physical appreciation and gets attracted to him whoever applauds her beauty. Suddenly Simar suddenly realises the Aarav is in danger as he likes the artwork very much.

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