Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th June 2021 Written Update: Geetanjali Devi warns Aarav of further consequences

Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aarav coming back home late and Geetanjali Devi waits for him. Geetanjali Devi warns Aarav that now everything should go smoothly and there should not be any obstacles as she didn’t likes the every day drama happening with Narayan family. She also tells him that she gets ready for the girl of his choice to be married in Oswal family but now everything should go accordingly as she don’t want anyone to spoil Oswal family name not even him and no more mess should happen in future and if it does then he should be ready to handle it’s consequences.

Aarav gets flash back of the moment Chote Simar torn his card. He gets a call from Reema. Reema wants to ask him that is he happy with the relation or not? He tells her that he is clearing his wardrobe to make space for her clothes as tomorrow is there wedding day. She tells him that she loves him and is eagerly waiting for tomorrow, he didn’t reply to her. Reema hangs the call.

Next day Chote Simar is checking Reema’s wedding dress. But Reema pulls her from there. Indu and Roma are praising Reema and are also praising the jewellery Oswal family have send for Reema. Chote Simar tries to apologize to her but she gets irritated and scolds her and asks her to stay away.

Roma tells Indu that whatever happens it’s for good as Reema is going to be the Bahu of Oswal family and not Simar as Geetanjali Devi don’t like music and Simar cannot live without music. Reema checks the Miss India contest on her phone. She gets text message from Devesh, he calls her to attend the contest as from tomorrow she will be married and cannot attend the contest. Gagan comes and tells Reema that at five in the evening is her wedding time.

Simar comes and checks her room and thinks that she don’t have much time to take apology from Reema. Avinash comes to Simar and tells her to close all windows and doors of her room, even switch off the lights and don’t come out. She fixes Avinash turban and shows him that she is very happy. She pretends to be happy infront of everyone. She goes with Indu and Roma to leave them till door, then she cries her heart out. Simar asks Reema for one chance to forgive her, Reema agrees for it. Simar hugs her. Simar tells whatever she will say she will do for her. Reema ask her to lie for one last time.

Aarav gets ready for the wedding. Vivaan complements him. Vivaan asks him to come out but he tells him to leave, he will be coming. Aarav checks the gift he bought for Reema and writes a note for her. Badi Simar finds Aarav checking his gift for Reema.

The end

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