Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th November 2022 Written Update: Simar is awestruck to see the heinous behaviour of Aarav

Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with the suggestion of Guruji to the Oswal. He suggests that he would destroy the statue with the last rite. Badima accepts his proposals and orders the servent to bring out the statue by hook or crook. Everyone looks tensed. To hear the announcement, Aarav becomes agitated and offended as this statue is not harming anyone ultimately. When servents come to obtain the statue he becomes irritated and disagrees to give them. Being tensed, Simar tries to make him understand. But Aarav is reluctant. To see his reluctance, Badima herself comes to the upstair and asks Aarav to stay away from the statue and drags him out from the room. But the stubbornness of Aarav becomes disgraceful to others. Badima tries to explain him how he has been hypnotized by the statue. She gives the example of the cctv footage. Simar also adjoins that this is the time to expel the statue from the home. Badima announces her final decision to recalcitrate it.

Being angry, Sandhya asks the reason behind the their loathsome attitude to the statue. She adds how it is creating a abominable effect on Aarav. She rebukes Badima and their shameful act. Chitra also adjoins her. Simar tries to manage the situation. But Sandhya and Chitra continue to criticize the heinous behaviour of Oswaal. They both start accuse Badima vehemently. Sandhya argues with Badima for the sake of Aarav. Sandhya asks her to spare them. Chitra, Sandhya and Aarav want to keep the statue in the home strongly. Simar suggests to calm her down. When Badima tries to understand the situation, Aarav shouts to Badima as he is being mentally harrassed by them. As Simar tries to pacify him, she get a jerk from Aarav. Vivaan and Gajendra rebuke Aarav for his horrible behaviour.

When anyone is not ready to condemm Aarav for his behaviour, Simar understands that Aarav is in himself. He himself is not talking these nonsense to her. If Aarav has the sense, he would definitely support her. Simar pledges that she will not give entry anyone between them two. Simar is getting emotional. But Aarav still says that this statue won’t leave their house. He emphatically says that it shouldn’t be driven away. But when Badima declares about to recalcitrate the statue, Aarav threats others with a knife to keep it in their home.

Araav abnormally and rudely asks everyone to stay away. He don’t even allowed Simar and Badima. Badima becomes very shocked from the abnormal misbehaviour of Araav. But then suddenly Simar starts supporting Araav and says that everyone shouldn’t disturb Araav. They should respect Araav’s emotion and his affection towards the sculpture. Araav cools down a bit and starts trusting Simar. Simar tries her best to win Araav’s trust. Badima opposes Simar and leaves the room. Expect Araav and Shandhya everyone denies to support the Simar. They all leave the main hall and Simar takes Araav to his room. After leaving Araav to his room,Simar gets back to the main hall and says that she wants everyone’s help to save the family from the evil. She asks Babima to start the Pooja rituals. Everyone gets confused but they promise to support her plan.

In the bedroom Araav thanks Simar. Simar says that it is her duty to respect him and his emotions. She gives Araav a medicine and Araav lies down on his bed. Soon Araav shut down his eyes.

Episode ends with monologue of Simar, in which she says to the statue that Araav is her love so the statue have to leave them alone soon.

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