Sasural Simar Ka 2: Could Simar find any chaos in Riyansh’s life?

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Colours TV’s popular show Sasural Simar Ka will witness an interesting plot. In the present situation Reema is trying to get a job for her modelling and Chitra doesn’t support her. Vivaan supports her but Reema misunderstands him. Meanwhile Riyansh comes but he tries to hide some true and uncomfortable facts from everyone. Badima tries to arrange a marriage for Riyansh.

In today’s episode Reyansh pranks everyone with an injured face. But everyone gets happy to see him. Badima finds and lipstick stain in the shirt of Riyansh. She doubts that he has done something mysterious so Simar is asked to keep a observation on him.

Simar discovers that Riyansh not only falied in his previous semester and but also he is rusticated from his University. She tells everything to Badima. Badima says he should get maarry soon, otherwise he will be spoiled child. Simar is asked to search for a suitable girl.

In the upcoming episode, Simar will discover that something fishy is going in life of Riyansh. She will again ask whether there is any girl in his life. But Riyansh will deny.

Meanwhile Riyansh will make Chitra agree that Chitra should find a girl for him. Vivaan will try to help Reema by contacting modelling agencies. The misunderstanding between Reema and Vivaan will increase again.

Riyansh will come in their home and Reema would ask about his opinion about her sensational photos. Riyansh will start to flirt. Meanwhile Simar will take the help of Gagan to create a fake account of Riyansh. She will start to spy on Riyansh.

What happened with Riyansh?
Will Reema continue to persue her dream?

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