Sasural Simar Ka 2: Debojit to advice a new suggestion

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Colours TV’s popular Sasural Simar ka 2 show will show an interesting plot twist. A ugly statue has appeared in the house of Oswaal to captivate Aarav. Ahead, Arindam, the husband of Labuni will come to stay in Oswaal family in terms to kill the Oswal family. He also feels envious for the laudable relationship between Simar and Aarav.

Previously we have seen, After getting the sense, Vivaan thanks Simar for saving his life. But surprisingly having some leaves, which were carried by Vivaan himself, the two evils lose their sense. Then Vivaan and Simar decide to pluck more leaves from the forest. Simar confesses to Dubru that they have become servent of them,Simar says she has a great plan.

She provokes the evils offering some delicious food, and rushes to the forest with Vivaan and two jokers as guard, to collect more poisonous leaves. Finally similar notices those leaves and tactfully Vivan and Simar collect some of them. Meanwhile, Debojit with the help of Reema and Aarav, call some good spirits, after the horrific and tremendous process those spirits open up the door of that evil world through the mirror.

Debojit proclaims, although they can see the evils, but those jokers couldn’t see them. With the request of Debojit the spirit show Vivan and Simar live.

In the next episode, Reema, Aarav and Badima pray to the good spirits with the folded hands for helping them.Those good spirits magically again opens up the mirror and shows the live activity. Suddenly they see, that Dubru has one key of this mirror which he keeps in safebox.

Simar and Vivaan both feel relieved, as soon as they will have the foods, they will fall asleep. After sometime all those three jokers fall in a deep slumber both Simar and Vivaan look happy being successful in their mission. Being anxious Aarav gets emotional to think how could they reach to Simar.

Aarav shares a long monologue of his emotional heart, he reminisences the past memories of their love,Aarav triggers off his emotion and tries to connect with Simar to share the secret of the key. Finally Aarav screams with the name of Simar and here she also feel something very magical in his heart.

How would Aarav reconnect with Simar?

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