Sasural Simar Ka 2: Geetanjali Devi to fire bullet on Simar?

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Sasural Simar Ka is all set for high drama as in upcoming episodes viewers will see how Simar will live up to expectations or not. How destiny plays its role for Aarav and Simar? The show will be unrevealing lot many mysteries of Oswal family.

In the previous episode we have seen that Geetanjali Devi forcefully aside her family members and points her gun on Reema. Simar manages to release herself and stood infront of Reema to protect her. But still Geetanjali Devi fired her on Simar meanwhile, Aarav pulls the gun upward, it had broken the chandelier and fallen infront of Simar hurting her hand.

All members were traumatized. Geetanjali Devi holded Aarav’s hand and asked him how dared he touched her gun. Sandhya asked Aarav to shut up. Vivaan begged apology from Geetanjali Devi, she told that it was her mistake to send both her grandson abroad to study.

Both of them had broken her trust and beliefs. She also told that never she was going to accept Reema as Oswal Bahu. She asked Bhairav to refill her gun. Chitra asked Griraj to do something otherwise Badi Ma will kill someone. Aarav and Gajender also asked Geetanjali Devi to stop it.

Simar fallen on Geetanjali Devi’s feet to forgive Reema. Vivaan picked her up and told her that when they married they made themselves ready for all negative consequences.

Geetanjali Devi told Simar that they have not accepted her then how can they accept her sister.
Vivaan stood infront of Reema and told Geetanjali Devi to fire on him. She removed her gun and asked her guards to lock Vivaan in a room, unless obeys to her. Reema shouted at her that she cannot do this them as they both are adult, to which Geetanjali Devi locked her also in a room.

Simar begged to Badi Ma but she didn’t listened to anyone. Simar told Aarav that it was not right to lock Reema and blackmail her father, she left from there.

In the upcoming episode we will see that Simar will ask help from Sandhya, she will tell her that her hands are tied she cannot do anything. Aarav is furious and tells to Sandhya that with current situation, they have to break some rules and laws of this house. Reema and Vivaan will promise to themselves that they will make the accept their marriage.

What will Geetanjali Devi do with Vivaan and Reema?

What step Aarav will take to help Vivaan?

What will Simar do to release Reema?

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