Sasural Simar Ka 2: How would Arindam save himself!

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Colours TV’s popular Sasural Simar ka 2 show will show an interesting plot twist. A ugly statue has appeared in the house of Oswaal to captivate Aarav. Ahead, Arindam, the husband of Labuni will come to stay in Oswaal family in terms to kill the Oswal family. He also feels envious for the laudable relationship between Simar and Aarav.

Previously we have seen, Promila and Arindam both plan to damage the unity of the family.Promila devi pulls the glass box one by one from the bag, in which the spirits of her family existShe threats them that as soon as she contribute all the belongings of their things into the fire, all of them will be transferred behind the mirror.

suddenly, all the spirits of the glass containers runs behind the mirror, which totally befooled Arindam and promila devi. Suddenly, she realises, someone has exchanged the belongings with the things of Roy Chowdhury family. All the members joint their hands to prove their togetherness, and Simar forwards and asks Promila why did she try to harm the Oswaal family.

Promila devi says it was totally injustice with the Roy Chowdhury family. Simar makes her understand, Promila devi herself punishes her own family members, prisoning them in the containers.

In the next episode, Dubru blames Simar for murdering Roy Chowdhury family. She is accused for murdering Arindom. They start to build up a brick wall around her. Aarav feels her pain seeing the statue. Getting back the sense, Simar starts to scream, which makes the statue active.

Simar starts showing some indication with some gesture, and the statue also plays the same thing. Aarav gets motivated and enthusiastically increases his confidence on the love.

How would Aarav make sure that evil has left their house!

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