Sasural Simar Ka 2: Reema and Chote Simar escapes from a big trouble?

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Sasural Simar Ka is all set for high drama as in upcoming episodes viewers will see how Simar will live up to expectations or not. How destiny plays its role for Aarav and Simar? The show will be unrevealing lot many mysteries of Oswal family.

In the previous episode we have seen that Devesh told them that he was from groom’s side and came for photoshoot of the bride. But still Badi Simar doubted him and tried to remember that she had seen him before with Reema outside the cafe.

Chitra met Devesh, he gave her that form signed by Reema and also warned her about Badi Simar and asked her to stay alerted from her. Badi Simar asked Reema about photoshoot theme but her reaction made her doubtful. Reema asked Chote Simar to meet Vivaan and apologize to him and also convince him to accept about the photoshoot lie they told to Badi Simar.

Reema also told her about Vivaan but didn’t told him all the truth about them. Chote Simar got convinced. Guptaji visited Geetanjali Devi to request her to give most priority to her daughter after marriaged to Vivaan. But Geetanjali Devi asked him to stay away from her family matters and not to reach her.

Guptaji called Chitra after getting embarrassed from Geetanjali Devi. She told him about her conspiracy to defame Oswal family. Oswal family started their Haldi function.

Badi Simar asked Vivaan about the photographer but he was busy and couldn’t answer her. Reema got a call from Miss India contest manager and they asked her to be present at the contest soon.

In the upcoming episode we will see that during the function celebration Vivaan will pull Chote Simar into swimming pool and then pulls Aarav too with her. Chote Simar gets embarrassed.

Ahead we will see that when Aarav will be changing his clothes Chote Simar will fall in his arms. Reema will slap Simar and will ask her to stay away from Aarav and let her marry him.

Will Chote Simar convince Vivaan?

How Badi Simar will find Reema’s true face?

How Reema will complete both the things at the same time?

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