Sasural Simar Ka 2: Simar gets drunk?

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Colours TV’s popular Sasural Simar ka 2 show will show an interesting plot twist. Badima realises the difference between Kapoor family and themselves. Simar continues to find out the falsity of Riyansh and Ishita and tries to rectify them. But Riyansh signs in matrimonial agreemental bond without the permission of elders.

In the previous episode, Kapoor family comes to apologize to Badima. Pallavi says sorry for the accident and says Badima herself is the security of their daughter. Mr Kapoor tears the document infront of the family. Badima asks to forgive them.

Badima appreciates Simar for her big heart. Gagan becomes more careful towards Aditi. In the next day, haldi function happenes. Ishita shows over politeness to Simar. Ishita agrees to touch the used haldi. Simar gets on fire to know her bohemian attitude.

In today’s episode, Simar wouldn warn Ishita that she won’t let her compromise any rasam anymore.Then they would come to a mutual understanding. Ishita would forces Simar and Araav for a drink.

As they both would take the drinks, they will both start to feel dizzy. Simar, Vivaan, Reema and Aarav would lose their mental sanity and would start to dance.

Being intoxicated they would blabber some nonsensical things. Badima would get confused and angry to see their drunked behaviour. Sandhya and Giriraj would try to make her believe that there must be something wrong. Evil would smile in this situation.

What be the toxic reaction for the intoxicated Simar? What’s the motive of Kapoor family behind the marriage? Would Badima forgie Simar?
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