Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 : Vansh to miss Riddhima

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Voot Select’s one of the trending show Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 is gearing up for more drama with Vyom confronting Sara.

In the previous episode it was seen that Vyom sneaked into Sara’s room to find out who she’s. Vyom’s man phoned him and informed that Gayatri’s real name is Sara, and she is an professional killer. Sara attacked Vyom from the behind. However Vyom over come her and made her unconscious. When Sara gained consciousness. She found herself tied to a chair. Vyom questioned her why shot him. Sara revealed that Vansh was her real target and he got shot accidentally. Vyom asked who gave Vansh’s contract. Sara refused to tell as it’s against her profession’s ethics.

Angre told Vansh about the loss in the business. He advised Vansh to reconcile with Riddhima as his personal problems affect the business. Vansh warned him to be in his limit. Angre told Riddhima to do something to convince Vansh. Riddhima sought Angre’s help to surprise Vansh on their wedding anniversary. Angre agreed to help her.

Aryan informed Dadi about Vansh and Riddhima’s fight. He also told her about Vansh going to the backyard last night. Dadi got tensed hearing this. Dadi went to Vansh and asked about his and Riddhima’s fight. Vansh told that he will handle it by himself. Dadi then asked him about visiting the room. Vansh said that these days he’s very disturbed and he got peace by recalling old days that the time stopped in that room.

In the upcoming episode Vansh will miss Riddhima. He will go to Riddhima’s room and will find her sleeping. He will take a sleeping Riddhima to his room and will put her on his bed. He will admire the sleeping Riddhima.

Will Vansh let go off his anger for Riddhima? Will Vansh and Riddhima reconcile before their anniversary?

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