Sasural Simar Ka 2 Weekly Update: Reema kills Devesh and burns the evidence.

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Colors TV newly launched show “Sasural Simar ka 2” has garnered a huge amount of audience from the date of it’s launch. The gripping storyline filled with twist and turns makes it engaging for the viewers. Will Oswal’s family accepts Simar as a new family member? It will be exciting to see how Simar wins over there hearts.

This week the episode starts with Aarav regreting that why didn’t he informed about Reema before to Vivaan. Aarav sees Simar and tell her that he doesn’t support her in this as her siblings had always disturb his family. Sandhya ask Gajender to let Aditi take her decision. Gajender tells her whatever she has done, after that only Badi Ma is taking decision for her and everone have to follow. Devesh threatens Reema to change her dress and get ready for exotic photo shoot.
Aarav ask Vivaan not to repeat his previous suicidal attempt, Vivaan agrees to him. Gagan informs Simar about his father’s car. Police knocks on Devesh studio Reema run towards the door, but Devesh tie her with rope. Police enquirs about the car meanwhile Simar comes, Devesh tries to hide himself as well as Reema infront of Simar and Gagan. They leave with police without checking his studio. Simar finds a clue in the back seat of the car.

Simar and Gagan tries to find Reema. While Reema get the knife, she unties herself and pretends to be tied. When Devesh come she hits on his head with a rod. Aarav look at Vivaan and thought he doesn’t deserve Reema. Aarav worries when he cannot contact Simar. Reema changes her dress, she checks Devesh, he is not breathing. She worries and tries to remove her finger prints from his studio. She also burns the rod.

Simar ask Gagan to go, she calls Aarav to come. Gagan left and takes his father’s car. Reema come out from the studio she burnns the evidence and calls Simar to pick her up. Chitra tries
calling Devesh, then she texted him and thought whether he took the money and flew off. Simar and Aarav reaches at Reema’s location. Reema seems lost, Simar tries to console her. When Simar ask her what happened, Reema tells her not to ask her anything just take her to Vivaan. Vivaan regrets loving Reema, he tears all her photographs. He promises to himself that he will be a changed person.
Geetanjali Devi congratulates Gajender as Ranaji accepted Aditi’s alliance, so now she want to do her engagement as soon as possible. She ask Gajender to take care of his wife and daughter. Vivaan comes to Badi Ma and apologizes for his previous behaviour and promises her that he will always obey her. Geetanjali Devi forgives him, Chitra sees this and is happy for Vivaan as she always wanted this.

Aarav brings Simar and Reema back home. Simar get her cleaned and ready. Reema promises to herself that whatever time she have it’s all for Vivaan while Vivaan promises to himself that he will never believe on Reema again.

Reema is back at Oswal residence. Chitra and Griraj are shocked to see her back. They tell her that she is breaking her promise, to which Reema tells that now she knew about everything they plotted for her. Chitra ask about Devesh to Reema, she pretends as she didn’t know anything about him. Roma get a letter from Lalit, it’s written that he is leaving the house until he finds a suitable job for himself. Roma regrets his decision. Simar also get a note from Aarav informing her that he is not angry on her and they will together do dinner and he is going with Badi Ma for the meeting.
Aarav is thinking whether he should inform Badi Ma about Reema or not. Reema is standing infront of Badi Ma and Gajender. Geetanjali Devi tells her that she doesn’t want to talk to her any more she is busy preparing for Aditi’s wedding. Reema tells her that this is her in-laws house and she will never leave it again. Yamini Devi is looking at the picture she had of Aarav taking blessing from her. She plans to use Aarav to betray his Badi Ma for Simar’s love.

Reema sees Vivaan, but Vivan is upset on her so he leaves. Sandhya ask Simar to talk to Aditi. Ranaji and his son come to meet Oswal’s. Geetanjali Devi gifts him some of her property, Ranaji doubts the Aditi, Geetanjali Devi gets angry for that. Aditi clears to Simar that she will not marry anyone else except Gagan.

Reema is getting nightmare about Devesh murder, she decides to confess everything to Vivaan. Geetanjali Devi ask Aarav to tell her what’s bothering him, he tells her that he doubts on Mohit. Geetanjali Devi tell him that whatever decision she will take that will always be favorable for the Oswal family. She ask him not to look at his sister instead Mohit belonged to a reputed family and he will be good for Aditi. Geetanjali Devi convinces Aarav for Aditi wedding. Aarav gets pricked, Simar sucks his finger. Simar shows her concern for Sandhya. Aarav ask Sandhya to drink turmeric milk which Simar bought.
She shouts at him and tells many things that how she lived in this house with mens dominating on her. She also tells him that she is unhappy with Badi Ma decision as she cannot take decision for her children’s also. She than throws the turmeric milk glass, Geetanjali Devi enters the room she ask Sandhya whether she have any problem with her decision, she said no. Then Geetanjali Devi announces about Aditi’s Roka with Mohit.

She ask Aarav to take the responsibility of Aditi’s marriage. Roma come to inform Lalit’s parents about him but then she kept silence, Shobha gives her invitation card to give it to her family. Reema wants Vivaan to listen to her, he shouts at her and tells her to follow Badi Ma instructions. Roma come to meet Indu yet she couldn’t tell her about Lalit, she gives her the invitation card and requests her not to come as Shobha would insult her family. Aarav give Oswal old heritage coin to Simar and they wishes with the coin together. Reema looks for Vivaan and put blanket on him and feels her love for him.

Simar prepares checklist for the Roka ceremony, Aarav checks her list and they both tries to pretend the Roka rituals with each other. Simar tries to expalin Aditi to obey her elders. Vivaan looks at Aarav and Simar looking at each other, he laughs, Reema is also looking at Vivaan. Shobha come to give her son invitation to Geetanjali Devi, yet she cancells her date as Aditi’s wedding is on same date.
Shobha shouts at Geetanjali Devi and tells her that she is not going to change the date, who ever wished can come for the wedding. Geetanjali Devi takes Simar with her and gives her the responsibility to put turban to the groom, Chitra watching from behind. Aarav fix Simar’s dupatta. Simar and Reema prepare Aditi for the ceremony, yet Aditi tells them that she doesn’t want to get married to Mohit.

Geetanjali Devi and Oswal family welcomes the Rana family. Geetanjali Devi ask Mohit to remove his black turban, as they will give him a turban and it’s their custom. Aarav informs Geetanjali Devi that Simar had gone to bring the turban. Meanwhile Aditi tear the turban so that the rituals doesn’t complete. Simar finds the turban torn, she worries.

Simar is in dilemma as the turban is torn by Aditi. As Simar is delaying, Geetanjali Devi herself goed to check Simar. Simar manages to arrange a new turban and when Geetanjali Devi finds her, she is ready with the turban. Simar tells to Badi Ma that for the first time she has given her some responsibility, how she couldn’t meet upto her expectation. Indu informs Avinash about Aditi’s wedding, Avinash ask Gagan whether he loves Aditi.
Gagan clears him that he doesn’t love Aditi and in that house if he cares then it’s his sisters, Simar and Reema. Panditji then starts the mantras and Simar ties the turban to Mohit. Ranaji then ask for Aditi, Sandhya and Simar goed to call Aditi. She is not ready to come for her Roka, she informs them that she love Gagan. Simar explains her and then she is ready to come. Ranaji family gives her Shagun, Sandhya secretly begs her to take it then she accepts and leaved from there. Mohit goes behind Simar and ask her to fix the turban while she is fixing it, he touches her hand, she felt embarrassed.

In the upcoming week episode we will seen that Mohit will touch Aditi and ask her have she been with anyone before him. Simar and Sandhya will notice it. They will come together to expose Mohit.

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