Sasural Simar Ka 2 Weekly Update: Simar finally stops the remarriage of Vivaan.

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This week begins with the investigation of the source of the black magic. Aarav searches Simar everywhere. Simar tries to unlock Reema, but she is locked with a heavy chain. When Simar tries to free her, someone hurts her hardly. But all these are the illusion of Simar. Simar sees that they both will be in disguise.

Rudra doesn’t believe Mayakshi, as she continues to connect between Simar and Dakshini. After, entering in the Oswal mansion, Simar is surprised to see the decoration of the house. On asking of Simar, Rudra announces that Vivaan has accepted the nuptial connection with Mayakshi.

Rudra has captivated the Oswal members with his magical sweets and foods. Simar is thunderstrucked to see that everyone has already accepted every words of Rudra.

Rudra finally announces the marriage of Vivaan and Mayakshi. Aditi comes to ask the question, she is also offered to take the sweets. After taking the sweets she also looks satisfied. Rudra proposes to Oswaals to arrange the engagement in the day, and the nuptial ceremony will be held in the night.

But when Simar reminds that this will be the night of omabasya, Rudra emphasizes the time. Later he discusses with Mayakshi for succeeding in his goal as he is very near to it. Meanwhile Simar prays to matarani for helping her and stop the marriage with the help of Reema.

When she enters in the palace again, she discovers a old photo frame, which is dated before the hundred years. Simar is clueless to assume the mistery behind the photoframes. No-one finds Simar in the Oswaal function. Aarav is tensed that where is Simar.

Rudra offers the Oswaal to complete the rasam before the ending the auspicious time. Badima orders Giriraj and Chitra to arrange the whole thing. Vivan praises the beauty of Mayakshi. Aarav suddenly reminds that Simar asked to have the prasad of matarani.

After taking the prasad, he feels something unusual is happening inside him. Finally Simar finds Reema in dark gloomy cave, sitting inside a fiery circle. Simar is reluctant to take her away. Suddenly someone hurts Simar and she becomes senseless.

The engagement ceremony of Vivaan and Mayakshi has started. They both are asked to exchange the ring. To hear the news from the crow, Rudra gets fired and decides to go there by himself. Reema asks Simar to go away from there, as she might get in danger.

Simar asks Reema that how did she trap herself in this whole process. Reema starts to describe the hole incident which was happened with her. Reema says she is bad shaytan, “bura yaksh”.

When Rudra crosses a closed door, voice of a woman starts to him to free herself as she has been waiting for years to be free. Rudra promises that today will be the last day of her captivation. Rudra comes and hurts Simar when she she was chanting the Durga Mantra. Rudra says to finish the life of Simar as she herself come to dedicate it.

Simar enrages her power to stop Rudra. Rudra says he will not do anything with Vivaan, if Reema permits in this marriage with Rudra. Reema is scared. The priest chants the mantra of the marriage of Vivaan and Mayakshi.

Meanwhile Reema accepts the proposal that she will marry Rudra.Rudra asks Reema to sit infront of haban kunda, but Simar shouts at Reema not to sit there to sacrifice her life. Simar is in the verge of the catastrophe, vehemently prays to matarani to save them.

Simar also today is the great test of their devotion. Suddenly Aarav runs to them with a blessed trident. Aarav tries to come inside the castle, Rudra asks the door to close. Simar catches the trident, rub some vermilion on her forehead.

When Rudra tries to jump on Simar, Simar gives a jerk with the trident. Rudra finally creates a prison around Simar. Chaya comes outside to stop Aarav. Aarav looks confused with the looks of Reema. Chaya confesses her original identity. Chaya tries to put the black magical power on Aarav to kill him.

Simar prays to Matarani for saving their life vehemently. Aarav fills claustrophobic in the hands of Chaya. Rudra tries to put the mangal sutra to Reema’s neck, but his hands are trembling due to a unknown reason. He doesn’t get that what’s happening with him.

Damini appears with a grand look in front of Rudra to scare him. Rudra tries to stop her with his magic, but he fails. Damini hurts Rudra and he gets bleeding. Actually Damini appears from the self of Simar. Aarav comes inside hesitately. Aarav is relieved to see them free.

Aarav promises to Reema that he will explain to everyone and will be the support of Reema. Mayakshi doubts why Vivaan is so hesitatingbin the marriage. On the coming of Reema, everyone looks thunderstrucked to see Reema.

Mayakshi defines as imposter to Vivaan. Mayakshi makes all the Oswal members statues with her. Simar calls everyone with their name. But no one response. Mayakshi threats that she will lost everything if she will not be coscious. Then Mayakshi leaves the house before correcting everyone from their magical state. Everyone comes in their natural state.

Simar says she has fulfilled her promise to bring Reema again before nabaratri. Aarav says Simar keeps her pledge and saves their lives from the immense danger. Chitra shouts at Reema and declines to accept Reema as her bohu. Reema with her folded hands, apologises to Badima ask to forgive her for stupidity as she was befooled by Rudra completely.

She starts to describe everything how Rudra captivated her with his bad intention. Chitra screams and mocks at them as these two sisters always make castle in the air. Simar also adjoins how could Reema free herself from the captivation of the Rudra, she was purely helpless. Simar reminds others how they all were befooled by Rudra somehow.

Vivaan reminds his promise during his marriage and says he won’t allow any misbehavior to Reema. Vivan begs to Badima for giving the permission to keep Reema there in the house. Badima acknowledges the true heroic behaviour of Simar.

She is the apple of the eyes of her. Badima asks everyone to come forward to make this family complete. Mayakshi creates a magical fiery circle to prove herself strong and conspires something more. Reema and Vivaan start to make love.

Reema and Vivaan express his love for him. Reema is asked by Simar and Vivaan to take Vivaan to her promised trip. But Reema can’t remember anything like that. She gets irritated not to remind anything. Simar says there is a surprise and having arrangement for lunch.

Reema craves for delicious foods, but Simar and Vivaan get surprised as she always have been escaped from the foods for her restricted diet chart. Reema says she is a normal girl who wants to enjoy family, food and love. Simar, Vivaan and Reema go to downstairs but Reema feels uneasy in her steps.

Simar says that there is hawan for the grihashanti for them. Being thunderstrucked feels nervous and uncomfortable. Simar tries to hold the hand of Reema, but she feels that the palm of Reema has become very cold. Reema points out that as she was locked for many days, she is still confused with the present moments.

Simar is asked to close the door, as she is having a headache. Suddenly Mayakshi comes inside to Reema back and disappear both. Meanwhile, Kavya looks uneasy to see Reyansh. Reyansh suddenly bows down and holds the feet of Simar.

He asks the apolization for his past sin. He accepts in front of everyone that Kavya is pregnent with his child. Mayakshi starts provoking Chaya to come out of Reema’s body. Chaya starts feeling disturbed and uneasy. Chaya’s soul start splitting from Reema’s body.

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