Sasural Simar Ka 2 Weekly Update: Simar gets late recording, Yamini Devi leaves after waiting

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Colors TV newly launched show “Sasural Simar ka 2” garnered a huge amount of audience from the date of it’s launch. The gripping storyline filled with twist and turns makes it engaging for the viewers. Will Oswal’s family accepts Simar as a new family member? It will be exciting to see how Simar wins over there hearts.

In this week the episode starts from Reema trying to explain that her decision is right but Avinash didn’t agrees to her. Simar meet Roma.Vivaan ask apology from Avinash, Reema gets angry and regrets coming home. Simar stops Reema, Avinash supports Simar. Gagan is not happy with the behaviour of his family against Reema.
Vivaan also tries to explain Reema. Aarav ignores the call from radio station. Gagan tells Lalit everything. Lalit also getvangry on Aarav, Avinash stops them. Avinash tells that he will go and ask for apology from Geetanjali Devi. Avinash feels dizzy. When Lalit complains about Geetanjali Devi, Aarav support his Badi Ma. Gagan got angry and warned Aarav.

Simar come in support of her husband, she reminds Gagan her father’s teaching. Then they leaves from there. Reema confesses to Vivaan that it’s all her fault. Vivaan consoled her. Aditi calls Gagan and asked him to take her away from her family.

Geetanjali Devi asks Sandhya her view. She tells that why she only punished one family for Reema and Vivaan’s wedding. She also praises Simar and tries to explain her qualities to Geetanjali Devi but Geetanjali Devi is not ready to understand, she tells to Sandhya to that she had faced many problems that’s why she knows how to deal with these situations. Aarav remembers that he is late to take Simar for her recording.

Aarav takes Simar for radio station she asks him not to take her as the situation is not favourable, on the other hand Reema is blaming Geetanjali Devi for everything. Aarav tells Simar to follow her passion. Reema promises to herself that she will take revenge from Geetanjali Devi for her family humiliation. Yamini Devi tell to the manager that they should be more professional and punctual.
She also tells him to inform Simar that these new singers should the importance of time before anything and aslo tells them that she will never work with these unprofessional people. Aarav car for punctures, Simar helps him fix it, then she went to the temple near by. Aarav came looking for her and finds her singing the Aarti. The Panditji tells them that he can see devotion in their love for each other.

Then Panditji asks Aarav to fill Simar’s maang with Sindoor. He leaves from there without filling her maang. Chitra tells Reema that she was always in her team and she will help her to win over Geetanjali Devi as she wanted to take revenge from her. She also tells her to win any war sheust have some plans and strategies before. She shares her plan with Reema and asked her support.

Aarav gets angry on himself. He tells Simar that due to all these he was suffering everyday. He starts hitting himself. Simar stops him and tries to comfort him. He started bleeding, she bent down and Aarav’s blood fallen on her maang. She draped her dupatta to his wound. Aarav then brings her to radio station.

The manager taunts her and informed her that she lost her recording and is very unprofessional. She tells him to give her one more chance. The manager tells her that Yamini Devi was not ready to work with her. Aarav takes Yamini Devi’s detail. Geetanjali Devi takes out an old box. She finds a photo of her husband and his second wife, who is Yamini Devi.

Geetanjali Devi sees nightmare about his husband Gopi Chand Oswal and his second wife Yamini Devi. She starts feeling very uneasy and suffocate. Simar regrets her unprofessional behaviour. As she says that she didn’t had Ma Saraswati photo instead she have Yamini Devi photo she is talking with her photo and blamed herself as she is not able to meet her idol.
Geetanjali Devi sees Simar she checks with whom she is talking so late, Aarav calls Simar. Aarav makes coffee for her. Geetanjali Devi complains to Aarav that he never made a coffee for her. He goes to make one for her meanwhile Geetanjali Devi asks Simar to take her sister with her and asks her to divorce Vivaan.

Then she will spare her father. Reema asks Vivaan to fulfill his promise of making her Oswal group face and international model. Roma shouts at Lalit to stop lieing to her as she knows that he don’t have any work. He tells her that he didn’t sell her jewellery and will bring them back once his book will be published.

Avinash asks Indu to get ready as they were going somewhere. Roma tells Indu that she and Lalit were going back to their house as Shobha called them back. Reema tells Simar to stop playing blame game on her.

Simar come to Reema’s room, she tells her about Geetanjali Devi’s decision she also tells her that she should stay away from Aarav. Reema is furious on Simar. Aarav takes Simar to Yamini Devi house. Simar meet her singing idol for the first time. Simar also start singing with her. When Yamini Devi finished her singing, she praises Simar and tells that her voice is once in a million. Simar give her guru dakshina.
She accepts her gift and questions her who she was? When Simar tells her about yesterday radio station, she get angry on her and ask her to leave. Yamini Devi tells her that if something is more important to her than music then stop singing.

Jogi sees Aarav at Yamini Devi home. He brings his men to hit Aarav. But till then he left from there. Jogi throws stick towards him but he missed.Aarav then takes Simar to a park. He asked her to sing, she performs infront of him he cheered for her. Yamini Devi questions Jogi, he tells her that he was Aarav Oswal and ask that why did Aarav Oswal come here, he is Geetanjali Devi’s grandson. Yamini Devi gets angry and tells that Geetanjali Devi still not forgetten her.

She tell her staff to clean her house with Ganga jal. Geetanjali Devi give charity in name of his husband Gopi Chand. . Geetanjali Devi staff informed her that today they sees Jogi and his people infront of his house. She ask him to find their moto. Aditi tell to Simar that Aarav made list for her shopping. Aditi reveals it infront of Simar that Aarav make a shopping list for her . Gagan come to Oswal residence, Simar meet him and takes bags from him. Reema also ask him to come inside. Aarav too come to meet him.

Aarav request Gagan to have tea at Oswal residence then he can leave. Simar felt happy and reminds Gagan that our parents also taught us same teachings. Aditi holdd Gagan’s hand and brings him inside. Geetanjali Devi looks at Aditi holding Gagan’s hand. She shouts from her balcony at Aditi to leave his hand . She also tells that Narayan family don’t have any dignity but what about Oswal family dignity and respect. She insults Gagan. When Aarav opposes Geetanjali Devi, she tells him that first he should understand who is guest and who is intruder. Reema wants to support Gagan yet Chitra ask her to control her emotions and stops her to speak against Geetanjali Devi. Vivaan also supports Gagan. Geetanjali Devi calls them greedy. Simar tries to tell her the reality yet she is not ready to understand. Gagan blames Geetanjali Devi. Gajender slapd Gagan for misbehaving with his mother. Geetanjali Devi asks Aarav to show Gagan exit, Aarav disobeys his father. Aditi tries to go against her family, Sandhya takes Aditi with her. Simar requests Gagan not to inform their parents about this. Yogi informs Yamini Devi about Aarav, she doubts whether Geetanjali Devi is trapping her or its God’s will, for her patience. Reema gets furious on Geetanjali Devi’s, Chitra give her ideas to take her revenge. Reema then decides to use Vivaan and she will put her photos on big posters in the city to damage her dignity. Avinash asks Manoj to find some solution for the ongoing problem, he ask some time from them. Roma tells to Manoj that they were coming back home and will apologize to Shobha. Aarav and Vivaan consoles Aditi. Simar also explains her to respectbelders at any cost. Aditi tells to Aarav and Vivaan it’s not fare whatever happened with Gagan today. They tries to crack joke with her to lighten her mood, they aslo consoles her. Simar tells her that it’s good to express, but we should do it politely. She also praises about their elders. Then that all cheered up. Reema taunts Simar that she is celebrating. Vivaan tries to explain her. Aditi then ask for a group hug. Simar brings Reema forbteh hug. Aarav also hugs Simar. Reema didn’t like the way Simar and Aarav coming closer.

Aarav and Simar cheers Aditi and bring everyone together. Reema is not that happy, after their group hug she tells if everything is over then she can leave as she is upset. Aditi thanks Aarav and Simar to support her and cheer her up. Simar tells Aarav that Aditi get emotional and don’t understand elders decision, Aarav also tries to explain her that how Badi ma will never take any decisions against his family but these days she is disturbed due to so many things happening against her will and decision that’s why she became little strict. Vivaan is angry as he cannot find a perfect face for Oswal group modelling. comes back to his office work. Then Aarav come there to cheer him up. They spend time together. On finding Vivaan disturbed, Aarav asks him the reason. Vivaan tells him that he is disturbed due to Reema. He also tells Aarav that he wants Reema to work for the modelling of Oswal group. But Aarav tells him that Geetanjali Devi will like her working as a modelling after she is the Bahu of Oswal family. Vivaan tell him that he doesn’t like so many restrictions on him. He is unable to digest the restrictions impose on him from his family. Vivaan also tell Aarav to talk to Reema as they are married couple but she doesn’t allow him to have a couple relationship. He cannot think about what to do. He also tells Aarav he cannot think to go on a honeymoon with Reema. He cries infront of Aarav and tells that Reema doesn’t like him coming near to her. Aarav consoles him and tell him that he will talk to Reema and everything will be fine. Aarav talk to Reema regarding her and Vivaan she tell him that she always wants to marry him and not Vivaan. Simar hears Aarav’s and Reema’s discussion.

In the next week upcoming episode we will see that Avinash and Indu will come to meet Geetanjali Devi and will apologize for everything. Avinash will fold his hand infront of Geetanjali Devi. Yet Geetanjali Devi will inform them that Aarav is going to divorce Simar. They both will be shocked to hear this.

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