Sasural Simar Ka 2 Weekly Update: Simar is given a open challenge.

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This week start with few dramas and unexpected situations in sasural Simar ka 2. Simar successfully brings back Reema from the captivation of Rudra. With the dilemma Reema understands her faults. Simar says to Reema how lucky and blessed she is to have a husband like Vivaan.


After their entry, Aaditi and Sandhya insist Simar to make some delicious food Aditi. Simar comes to the kitchen when Ishita acts to be innocent and insists to perform her first rasui. Simar and Chitra decide to make some poha for Aditi.

In the absence of Simar, Ishita mixes some poisonous plant to the cutting onions. Simar says she will do it by herself. Meanwhile, Riyansh is assured to join the office by Aarav and Vivaan. Reema becomes more vexed with her dreams.

Everyone joins the dinning table to have the first rasui. At first Badima disagrees to take the food, but when they go finally to take foods, suddenly Kappor family comes and asks Ishita to serve them also. Ishita is in quandary.

Ishita hesitates to serve the food to her parents. But everyone insists to do so. She throws the dish of the food in floor due to her anger. Mr Kapoor slaps her and Badima insults for her mischievousness.

Later Simar confronts Ishita for her conspiracy to harm Aditi. At first Riyansh blames Simar for everything, but Simar shows the video of the incident which was recorded secretly.

Riyansh looses his temper and rebukes Ishita for her meanness. Simar promises Ishita that oneday she would turn her out a good version of herself.

Chitra insists Riyansh to hold the power of the chair in the oswal office. Later she also insists Ishita to perticipate in Aditi’s pregnancy announcement ritual.

Ishita is insisted to join the baby shower function of Aditi. Chitra gives a portrait of Badima in her baby shower. Chitra suggests Ishita to make up Aditi according to Badima’s look. When function starts Gagan wouldn’t find Aditi anywhere.

When everyone is on edge of tension, then from upstair Ishita discovers the look of Aditi. Everyone is surprised to see Aditi’s gorgeous dress up and Chitra would appreciate Ishita for her initiative.

Meanwhile, Reema is offered to act in a lead role of a short drama by Vivaan, but she is furious to know its publicity and market value. Kavya tries to meet Riyansh but he denies to meet.

The female members of the Oswal family request to the male members to leave the function hall as that function happens specifically for women. They are reluctant to leave the room but are compelled not to participate the function.

Baby shower is happened carefully and cheerfully, Badima and Simar bless Aditi. Badima and Chitra appreciate the effort of Ishita. Ishita says that she wants to be a ideal daughter in law of this family following all the traditional values.

But when the dance programme is going on, the conversation of Ishita in which she criticizes Oswal family, is listened by everyone. Later Ishita challenges Simar to perticipate in a fashion show and Simar accepts the challenge with ease.

Reema, Vivaan and Aarav try to support and give the mental strength to Simar, through which she could win the challenge. Chitra and ishita get jealous to see the supportiveness of Reema to Simar.

Later Ishita tries to brainwash Reema and emphasizes her to focus in her dream. Reema denies to do that as she loves and trusts Simar very much. Evils get tensed to see them together.

Ishita sends a western stylish dress to Simar to wear. Simar losts her nerves to see the pattern of the dress. Reema and Aarav give their best to support Simar.

The competition is started by the anchors. The competition is held in three rounds. Ishita somehow distracts Reema to give a phone call of Rudra. Rudra offers her three add film.

Reema disconnects herself from Simar. In the first round of western look ramp show, Ishita walks with a stunning pose. Simar gets nervous and she is confused to see the crowd.

Suddenly the straps of the dress gets tear off and she is in quandary. But suddenly some miracle happen. Badima keeps praying to Matarani to keep for Simar.

Suddenly wind starts blowing so fast that some pieces of clothes get loose from the celling of the stage by Matarani’s grace. Araav gets on the stage and holds Simar. He draps the cloths around Simar.Judges declars Simar as winner. Everyone looks very happy except Ishita and her supporters.

Who would win? Would Simar finally keep the respect of Oswal family?

All these questions will be answered in upcoming episodes. Keep following this space to know more about your favourite show Sasural Simar ka.