Sasural Simar Ka 2: What? Chaya is playing with role of Reema?

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Colours TV’s popular Sasural Simar ka 2 show will show an interesting plot twist. Rudra will captivate the whole Oswaal family with her black magic for his own sake. Meanwhile, Simar brings back Reema again in the house. But Mayakshi and Chhaya again conspire to disown all the power of Simar.

In today’s episode, Simar says she has fulfilled her promise to bring Reema again before nabaratri. Aarav says Simar keeps her pledge and saves their lives from the immense danger. Chitra shouts at Reema and declines to accept Reema as her bohu.

Reema with her folded hands, apologises to Badima ask to forgive her for stupidity as she was befooled by Rudra completely. She starts to describe everything how Rudra captivated her with his bad intention.

Chitra screams and mocks at them as these two sisters always make castle in the air. Simar also adjoins how could Reema free herself from the captivation of the Rudra, she was purely helpless. Simar reminds others how they all were befooled by Rudra somehow.

Vivaan reminds his promise during his marriage and says he won’t allow any misbehavior to Reema. Vivan begs to Badima for giving the permission to keep Reema there in the house.

Badima acknowledges the true heroic behaviour of Simar. She is the apple of the eyes of her. Badima asks everyone to come forward to make this family complete. Mayakshi creates a magical fiery circle to prove herself strong and conspires something more. Reema and Vivaan start to make love.

In the next episode, Reema and Vivaan will express his love for him. Reema will be asked by Simar and Vivaan to take Vivaan to her promised trip. But Reema couldn’t remember anything like that. She will get irritated not to remind anything.

Simar will say there is a surprise and having arrangement for lunch. Reema will crave for delicious foods, but Simar and Vivaan get surprised as she always have been escaped from the foods for her restricted diet chart. Reema will say she is a normal girl who wants to enjoy family, food and love.

Simar, Vivaan and Reema will go to downstairs but Reema feels uneasy in her steps. Simar will say that there is hawan for the grihashanti for them. Being thunderstrucked shw will feel nervous and uncomfortable. Simar will try to hold the hand of Reema, but she will feel that the palm of Reema has become very cold.

Reema will point out that as she was locked for many days, she is still confused with the present moments. Simar will be asked to close the door, as she will having having a headache. Suddenly Mayakshi will come inside to Reema back and will disappear both.

Meanwhile, Kavya will look uneasy to see Reyansh. Reyansh will suddenly bow down and holds the feet of Simar. He will ask the apolization for his past sin. He will accept in front of everyone that Kavya is pregnent with his child.

Mayakshi will start provoking Chaya to come out of Reema’s body. Chaya will start feeling disturbed and uneasy. Chaya’s soul will start splitting from Reema’s body.

Why does Mayakshi conspire again? How Simar would save the Oswaal family from the black magic?
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