Sasural Simar Ka 2: What gift Aarav would bring for Simar?

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Colours TV’s popular Sasural Simar ka 2 show will show an interesting plot twist. Rudra and his team tries to break the Oswaal family for their own sake. But Simar doesn’t want to return the locket of Damini. While others are busy to celebrate the grand marriage ceremony of six couple, they evils enter to destroy the whole environment.

In today’s episode, Mayakshi insists Aarav to marry her. To put an end, Simar holds her mongalsutra in her hand and forwards to the magical power. Suddenly with the leniency of God, the power of mangalsutra triggers off, and Mayakshi faints. Later when Rudra captivates the Oswal, Simar tries to save them.

But when Rudra fails to gain the power from the locket, Simar and Aarav both hold the trident together and stab it on to the locket. After that the locket and Mayakshi’s body vanishes into the air. In the next morning everyone celebrates the Diwali function. Simar proposes a cleaning campaign to keep all busy and happy.

Reema wins the prize as Nilam necklace as she shows the most creative performance in the cleaning campaign. Badima gives the duty to Aarav to buy the Diwali gifts for all.

In the next episode, Aarav would go in a shop to buy a bangle, and after so many requests the shopkeeper sell it instead of thousand rupees. When Aarav asks her to put on the bangle, Simar get hurt. He tries to describe how he had snatch this bangle from a random lady, Simar doesn’t believe him.

The shopkeeper dies from a misterious reason. Meanwhile Simar and Reema go to Sadhwiji to acknowledge her contribution but they will be interrogated about their bad dreams.

The guru of Sadhwiji advices Simar and Reema to be more coscious about their safety because evils might attack again their family. Sadhwiji also guesses about something ominous.

Why did the auspicious flowers turn to black! Why did the shopkeeper die!
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