Sasural Simar Ka 2: Who did abduct Geet!

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Colours TV’s popular Sasural Simar ka 2 show will show an interesting plot twist. A ugly statue has appeared in the house of Oswaal to captivate Aarav. Reema and Simar tries to find out the original history of the statue which belonged to a Bengali zaminder family. Sandhya and Chitra behave like Bengali bahu as they are spelled by the negative power.

In today’s episode, when all the males plan to get the live vibe of the Indian Cricket match being present at the stadium itself, then Badima requests them to watch the match in the tv with all. Simar and other ladies have organized, snacks, projector screen, vibrant sound system etc.for the match as a surprise party.

The match starts with a big hit by India, all the ladies arrive the hall in some cozy cheerleader like dresses and enjoy the match. Meanwhile, a beautiful lady, having a scar in her cheek, arrives in the house of Oswal, plays the musical instrument. Aarav gets again attracted to the sound which drags him to the statue.

The girl points out about her goal fulfilling her love. Therefore Males starts insulting them and hurting their female emotion. But Simar and Reema points out some very well known female player to beat their male ego. Later, ladies are challenged to have a cricket match for next day.

In the next episode, in the next day, Oswaal girls finally win the match with their their confidence and enthusiasm. In that Geet will be vanished for some hours. Aditi totally breaks down not finding the baby. When everyone roams around the house, someone informs Aditi about the resque. Badima and Gajendra go to police station to get back the baby.

Badima is informed that one lady, named Jhumri, fought with the goons to save the baby, is brought to the house. Jhumri, whose actually identity is Laboni, is appointed as a servent of the house. Later Jhumri is roaming around the house to get her love back.

What is the purpose of the beautiful girl! Would Aarav again step forward in the trap of the statue!
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