Sasural Simar Ka 2: Will Chote Simar stay away from the wedding?

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Sasural Simar Ka is all set for high drama as in upcoming episodes viewers will see how Simar stay away from Reema’s wedding. How destiny plays its role for Aarav and Simar? The show will be unrevealing lot many mysteries of Oswal family. What Reema will choose for her wedding or contest?

In last episode we have seen that Avinash was broken by Geetanjali Devi decision. Indu wanted to support Chote Simar yet she was hit by the situation. Avinash decided to visit Oswal resident and ask for apology from Geetanjali Devi.

At the Oswal resident Chitra and Shobha tried to degrade about Aarav’s marriage. But still Geetanjali Devi was firm on her decision. She thought that they had violated their request. Badi Simar tried to convey truth to Geetanjali Devi but she stopped her. Avinash with his family reached at the Oswal resident.

Indu requested Geetanjali Devi that they have already distributed invitation card and also told her that they have three daughters, if this wedding will get cancelled then how they will show their face to the society. Avinash Kept his turban on Geetanjali Devi’ s feet and begs to her for his dignity and told her that her daughters future is in her hands now. Geetanjali Devi agreed for the wedding but on one condition.

The condition states that Chote Simar should stay away from the wedding. Avinash agreed to her condition. They came back and informed Chote Simar about her condition. Reema told her that she doesn’t have any option now, so she have to stay away from the wedding.

In the upcoming episode we will see that the Oswal family is preparing for the departure of Aarav’s barat. Sandhya getting Aarav ready for the big ceremony.

Where as on the other hand Chote Simar will be asking apology from Reema and tell her that she is ready to do anything for her. Reema will ask her to lie for the last time for her. Then the wedding will get complete and the bride with Aarav will come to the Oswal resident.

What Reema will ask Chote Simar to do?

With whom Aarav will get married?

What will happen when truth will come infront of everyone?

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