Sasural Simar Ka 2: Will Riyansh realise his own mistakes?

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Colours TV’s popular show Sasural Simar ka 2 will witness an interesting plot twist. Badima tries to arrange a marriage for Riyansh. After many trantrums finally Riyansh reveals his love relationship with Ishita, a girl from Kapoor family.

Oswaal family accepts Ishita as their daughter in law. Discussing the issues, both families fix the marriage date. But Simar finds something fishy is on going in Riyansh’s life. She discovers another affair of Riyansh with Kavya.

In today’s episode, Panditji announces the final date of marriage. To listen all these things the tray of the tea cup falls from Kavya’s hand and every utensil breaks. Ishita and Chitra rebukes her to call as duffer for spoiling the happy moments.

Simar apologies for Kavya’s mistake and asks her to go to kitchen. Everyone congratulates Ishita and Riyansh. Reema starts the Rasam and begins to bless them. But Badima disagrees and orders Simar to complete the Rasam as Simar is the eldest among the daughter in laws.

Reema and Ishita plan about the marriage. Badima denies to take any Dahej from Kapoor’s family. Meanwhile Simar finds Kavya in lachrymose state in the garden. She asks why she is crying and interrogates about her relationship with Riyansh. Kavya says that Riyansh promised for engagement. Simar asks her come inside the home.

In the upcoming episode, Simar will interrogate Riyansha about the girl who entered in his room, Riyansh will react against that. Simar will reveal the his extra relationship with Kavya. He will deny the fact.

Riyansh rudely says Kavya had the same fault, she intentionally entered his room to trap with a spell. Simar will rebuke him but he will continue his insulting comments on Kavya. At that moment Kavya will enter in his room and slap him.

After that Simar will Kavya’s home and will console her. Meanwhile Simar will express everything to Ishita. Ishita will request her not to reveal this to everyone as she believes that Riyansh would change after marriage. Simar will reveal every truth of Riyansh’s flirtatious character and Kavya’s devastating state to Aarav.

Aarav will fiercely ask Riyansh about the ongoing trantrums. He wouldn’t to admit his guilt in any way. Aarav will warn him not to do this mistake again. Riyansh will say make this understand to Simar.

Would Riyansh finally marry Ishita?

Would Oswaal family come to know about another relationship of Riyansh?

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