Sasural Simar Ka 2: Will Simar meet Badi Ma’s expectations?

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Colors TV newly launched show “Sasural Simar ka 2” has garnered a huge amount of audience from the date of it’s launch. The gripping storyline filled with twist and turns makes it engaging for the viewers. Will Oswal’s family accepts Simar as a new family member? It will be exciting to see how Simar wins over there hearts.

In the previous episode we have seen that Simar is in dilemma as the turban was torn by Aditi. As Simar was delaying, Geetanjali Devi herself went to check Simar. Simar managed to arrange a new turban and when Geetanjali Devi saw she was ready with the turban. Simar told Badi Ma that for the first time she gave her some responsibility, how she couldn’t meet her expectation. Indu informed Avinash about Aditi’s wedding, Avinash asked Gagan whether he loves Aditi. Gagan cleared him that he doesn’t love Aditi and in that house if he cared then it’s his sisters Simar and Reema.
Panditji then started the mantras and Simar ties the turban to Mohit. Ranaji then asked for Aditi, Sandhya and Simar went to call Aditi. She was not ready to come for her Roka, she informed them that she lived Gagan. Simar explained her and then she was ready to come. Ranaji family gave her Shagun, Sandhya secretly begged her to take it then she accepted and left from there. Mohit went behind Simar and asked her to fix the turban while she was fixing it, he touched her hand she felt embarrassed.

In the upcoming episode we have seen that Mohit will touch Aditi and ask her have she been with anyone before him. Simar and Sandhya will notice it. They will come together to expose Mohit.

Will Aditi marry Mohit?

What will Sandhya and Simar will do to expose him?

Will Geetanjali Devi stop the wedding?

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