Sasural Simar Ka 2: Will Vivaan inform Aarav about the bride swap?

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Sasural Simar Ka2 is all set for high drama as in upcoming episodes viewers will see that after the wedding gets over and when the veil is removed from Simar’s face what will happen? How will Aarav react to all this? The gripping storyline filled with twist and turns makes it engaging for the viewers.

In the previous episode we have seen that Vivaan carried Reema and tried to get back her consciousness. Panditji asked Aarav to put Sindoor, Badi Simar stopped him from putting Sindoor but he explained her that he will not see her face and put in the Sindoor. Then he put Mangalsutr in Simar’s neck. Panditji announced the wedding was completed. The couple then took blessings from elders.

While giving blessing Chitra tries to lift her veil but Aarav stopped her. Indu gave them blessings and told Simar that now onwards she had to forgot her past life and have to give herself to her in-laws and aslo told her to forgot her dreams of becoming a singer. Aarav fixed Simar’s dress and hold her hand inside the car. Chitra called Devesh and told him that he failed their plan.

Instead Devesh told her that he succeeded in their plan and he didn’t allowed Reema to attend the wedding. Chitra was in dilemma if he succeeded in his plan then with whom Aarav for married.

Vivaan tried to inform Aarav but he didn’t took his call then he went to find Aarav. The couple left for the Oswal resident. Indu requested Badi Simar to look after Simar. Chitra heard their discussion and realized the truth about Chote Simar being the bride.

In the upcoming episode we will see that Aarav will unknowingly marry Simar and the wedding rituals are over now. Reema will reach but she will be late as the wedding is finished and everybody has left. Aarav and Simar will reach Oswal resident and when Geetanjali Devi will remove the veil she will be shocked to see Simar in place of Reema.

What Vivaan will do after realising the truth?

How the Oswal family will react after seeing Simar?

What action will Geetanjali Devi will take?

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