Sasural Simar ka 2: Will Yamini Devi gives Simar another opportunity?

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In the previous episode we have seen that Aarav apprached Yamini Devi, seeking another opportunity for Simar to sing under her guidance. Yamini Devi agreed in one condition that this should be a secret between them. Yogi doubted Yamini Devi about helping Aarav she told him that this was the right time to take revenge. Geetanjali Devi didn’t liked Simar decorating for Ganesh pooja. Roma busy doing household chores while guests arrived. Shobha welcomed them and then praised his son Vivek and his choice Divya. Lalit informed Roma that they came for Vivek’s alliance. Roma was shocked to know the girl. Divya first thought that Roma was their maid but then Lalit cleared it, she asked apology from Roma. Roma was proud of Lalit. Aditi requested Geetanjali Devi to let Simar do the decorations for the pooja. Geetanjali Devi agreed. Simar holds Geetanjali Devi while she was slipped. Simar made a medicine for Geetanjali Devi. She gave it to Sandhya and asked her to put on Badi Ma’s swollen leg. When Sandhya went to apply the medicine, Geetanjali Devi didn’t let her do as Simar prepared it. Aarav called Simar, they shared their feeling and kept on chatting with each other.

In the upcoming episode we will see that Oswal family will grandly welcome Ganpatti Bappa in their home. They all will be engage in the festival. While dancing Simar will go to fix the cloth on Ganpati, Geetanjali Devi will shout on her that how dare she touched it.

Will Aarav fulfill Geetanjali Devi promise?

Will it be easy for Simar to leave Aarav?

Will Reema fulfill her promise to Chitra?

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