Sasural Simar Ka 2: Would Mayakshi spare Vivaan?

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Colours TV’s popular Sasural Simar ka 2 show will show an interesting plot twist. Badima accepts Kavya and her baby as the Oswal members, but Reyansh is not still ready to agree with Kavya. Meanwhile, as Rudra esconded Reema somewhere, Aarav and Simar try to find her out.

In today’s episode, Simar enrages her power to stop Rudra. Rudra says he will not do anything with Vivaan, if Reema permits in this marriage with Rudra. Reema is scared. The priest chants the mantra of the marriage of Vivaan and Mayakshi. Meanwhile Reema accepts the proposal that she will marry Rudra.

Rudra asks Reema to sit infront of haban kunda, but Simar shouts at Reema not to sit there to sacrifice her life. Simar is in the verge of the catastrophe, vehemently prays to matarani to save them. Simar also today is the great test of their devotion. Suddenly Aarav runs to them with a blessed trident.

Aarav tries to come inside the castle, Rudra asks the door to close. Simar catches the trident, rub some vermilion on her forehead. When Rudra tries to jump on Simar, Simar gives a jerk with the trident. Rudra finally creates a prison around Simar.

Chaya comes outside to stop Aarav. Aarav looks confused with the looks of Reema. Chaya confesses her original identity. Chaya tries to put the black magical power on Aarav to kill him.

In the next episode, Simar will pray to Matarani for saving their life vehemently. Aarav will fill claustrophobic in the hands of Chaya. Rudra will try to put the mangal sutra to Reema’s neck, but his hands will be trembling due to a unknown reason.

He will not get that what’s happening with him. Damini will appear with a grand look in front of Rudra to scare him. Rudra will trs to stop her with his magic, but he fails. Damini will hurt Rudra and he will get bleeding. Actually Damini will appear from the self of Simar. Aarav will come inside hesitately.

Aarav will be relieved to see them free. Aarav will promise to Reema that he will explain to everyone and will be the support of Reema. Mayakshi will doubt why Vivaan is so hesitatingbin the marriage. On the coming of Reema, everyone will look thunderstrucked to see Reema. Mayakshi will define as imposter to Vivaan.

Mayakshi will make all the Oswal members statues with her. Simar will call everyone with their name. But no one will response. Mayakshi will threat that she will lost everything if she will not be coscious.

Then Mayakshi will leave the house before correcting everyone from their magical state. Everyone will come in their natural state.

Why does Rudra want to sacrifice the life of Reema? How Reema will stop the marriage of Vivaan?
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