Sasural Simar Ka 2: Would Simar cease the desire of Rudra?

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Colours TV’s popular Sasural Simar ka 2 show will show an interesting plot twist. Badima accepts Kavya and her baby as the Oswal members, but Reyansh is not still ready to agree with Kavya. Meanwhile, as Rudra esconded Reema somewhere, Aarav and Simar try to find her out.

In today’s episode, Rudra offers the Oswaal to complete the rasam before the ending the auspicious time. Badima orders Giriraj and Chitra to arrange the whole thing. Vivan praises the beauty of Mayakshi. Aarav suddenly reminds that Simar asked to have the prasad of matarani.

After taking the prasad, he feels something unusual is happening inside him. Finally Simar finds Reema in dark gloomy cave, sitting inside a fiery circle. Simar is reluctant to take her away. Suddenly someone hurts Simar and she becomes senseless. The engagement ceremony of Vivaan and Mayakshi has started.

They both are asked to exchange the ring. To hear the news from the crow, Rudra gets fired and decides to go there by himself. Reema asks Simar to go away from there, as she might get in danger. Simar asks Reema that how did she trap herself in this whole process.

Reema starts to describe the hole incident which was happened with her. Reema says she is bad shaytan, “bura yaksh”. When Rudra crosses a closed door, voice of a woman starts to him to free herself as she has been waiting for years to be free.

Rudra promises that today will be the last day of her captivation. Rudra comes and hurts Simar when she she was chanting the Durga Mantra. Rudra says to finish the life of Simar as she herself come to dedicate it.

In the next episode Simar will enrage her power to stop Rudra. Rudra will say that he will not do anything with Vivaan, if Reema permits in this marriage with Rudra. Reema is scared. The priest will chant the mantra of the marriage of Vivaan and Mayakshi.

Meanwhile Reema will accept the proposal that she will marry Rudra.Rudra will ask Reema to sit infront of haban kunda, but Simar will shout at Reema not to sit there to sacrifice her life. Simar will be in the verge of the catastrophe, will vehemently pray to matarani to save them.

Suddenly Aarav will run to them with a blessed trident. Aarav to try to come inside the castle, Rudra will ask the door to close. Simar will catch the trident, will rub some vermilion on her forehead. When Rudra will try to jump on Simar, Simar will give a jerk with the trident.

Rudra will finally create a prison around Simar. Chaya will come outside to stop Aarav. Aarav will look confused with the looks of Reema. Chaya will confess her original identity. Chaya will try to put the black magical power on Aarav to kill him.

Why does Rudra want to sacrifice the life of Reema? How Reema will stop the marriage of Vivaan?
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